Customs clearance is not passed Aliexpress – what does it mean, what is the threat

It is no secret that many people in the CIS countries in bulk order goods from the Chinese trading platforms. It is cheaper than buying in Russia, and it is possible to track parcels via the Internet. Not so long ago, users have faced with a new message – “customs clearance is not passed Aliexpress” – what does it mean, what is the risk, will the goods arrive on time, or is it not worth waiting? We will tell you about this in this publication.

Customs control

The essence of status

What is “Customs clearance”? Many people are intimidated by this word combination. In fact, it’s a set of activities that involves verifying recipients’ addresses and other information needed to get your shipment to the right post office. It is also where taxes are assessed for cases where the weight or value of the goods exceeds the limits set by the government.

This procedure is automatic, it was done before, it was just not indicated in the status when tracking the shipment. But since April 2018 there have been changes that have affected the output of such a message – customs clearance not passed by Aliexpress:

Report about not passing customs clearance

Much depends on the seller, how well he fills out the accompanying documentation, so that there is not the slightest claim to it. If this is the case, everything will go smoothly and quickly. And then in a day or two you will see an updated “released by customs” status when tracking the parcel.

What to do if “Not cleared by customs”?

Here you are waiting for a lot of goods from China (Aliexpress, Joom, Gearbest), periodically checking where the shipment is, and suddenly you see a similar notice. What does it mean?

Custom clearence

Immediately stupor and confusion, what to expect next. Won’t you get your order? Calm down, just calm down. There’s nothing wrong with it. After a maximum of five days, the goods will continue their movement in the right direction. The parcels are not opened for inspection, which is suspected and feared by many. The packages arrive sealed, with no sign of unpacking.

The point is that there is an incorrect translation from Chinese to Russian, and as a result you see a “frightening” notice. But pay attention to its color – it is green, which indicates the successful completion of the stage.

But, there are cases when the problem is real, there are delays due to the fault of the sender, who incorrectly drafted shipping documents, failed to pay duties, etc. In such unpleasant situations is not easy to achieve a positive result, the main thing is not to sit idly by, and defend the rights. We will tell you about this in the next chapter.

Customs clearance is not passed – what is the risk?

The main thing is not to worry. As mentioned above, in 99% of cases, the cargo will be delivered. Time yourself – in 5 days the situation should change. But if the time has passed, and the result is the same – then it is worth to contact the competent authorities for clarification.

Order blocked by customs

Often, opening a dispute allows you to compensate the full cost of the order, minus the amount of delivery. It happens that only some part of the money is returned. In this case the item “hangs” – it is not returned and is not sent to the recipient. What happens to it – I do not know. Most likely, there is a conflict with the payment of taxes, and the disputed object is confiscated.

To prove your case in a dispute with the seller of the trading platform Aliexpress, you need to provide a scan of the document confirming the delay at customs. That is, you have to call the customs office (the number depends on your location – look it up on the official site) and ask to send the necessary documentation to your e-mail, which proves the fact that the goods have been blocked.

Now you know that there is nothing wrong with the “customs clearance not cleared by Aliexpress” status. Just wait and periodically check the location of the parcel through the appropriate services on the Internet. The only negative moment, which may turn out not in your favor, is ordering prohibited items in Russia – all sorts of spy gizmos (pens with voice recorder, items with built-in hidden cameras, etc.).

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