DIR-615 IPTV setup: benefits of the router and possible problems

D-Link DIR-615 is a router with a long history. It has been produced since the times when the requirements for the home Internet were still at the level of loading pages in social networks. Since then the vendor has released dozens of new models of network equipment, but it tried to remember the classics and that’s why it periodically releases new revisions and firmware updates. That’s why it’s worth knowing how to configure IPTV for the router D-Link DIR-615: perhaps the legend will still be there!

The advantages of a router for IPTV

Network equipment that does not support UDP and IGMP Multicast protocols (required for digital television) is becoming more and more difficult to find. Even very low-cost router models offer viewing news, entertainment and other content without restrictions, advertising pauses and all the advantages of modern technology, including recording live broadcasts and calling the program schedule. And, as practice suggests, equipment with IPTV is sure to come in handy in the household and become a pass to the world of boundless possibilities.


IPTV tuning rules on DIR-615

There’s no need to bother with digital TV on D-Link routers – the procedure is very predictable and centers around 5 actions:

  • Launch the router’s Administrator panel in the browser (, authorize using a combination of Admin (selected from above, in the User Name field) and admin (in the Password field).

  • Go to “Advanced” and select the item “Advanced Network” in the quick access panel on the left.

  • The items “Enable UPnP” and “Enable Multicast Streams” must be ticked.


  • The changes must be saved using the “Save Settings” button.
  • The last step is to connect the IPTV cable to the router. The rest of the actions will take place automatically. If the Internet is configured correctly, the TV will have access to entertainment content broadcast in real time. In some situations, you’ll need to restart the technical equipment.


IPTV setup is performed according to the above described scenario regardless of provider: Rostelecom, Beeline, Dom.ru – the procedure is similar and doesn’t depend on how Internet or Wi-Fi is configured.

Technical problems are inevitable, and therefore it is important to know how to act if there are difficulties with access to the network or IPTV technology:

  • Hardware defects. It is recommended to start small – to check the connection: are all the wires in place? The second mandatory step is to assess the technical condition of the router for mechanical damage.


  • Incorrectly configured IP and DNS address values. A problem that most often affects the Internet, but sometimes also affects IPTV. We are talking about the “Properties” of the network connection (first the “Start” menu, then the “Control Panel”, and then the “Network”) in the section “Protocol version IPv4”. In the “General” category you should select “Obtain IP and DNS addresses automatically”.


  • Authorization problems. D-Link routers are configured via the administrator panel, which requires a login and password. By default, the vendor suggests using the admin/admin combination, but as an alternative, the user/user option will do.


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