discord game sdk dll: causes of the anomaly and how to fix it

Windows family operating systems do not exclude problems and technical malfunctions during software operation. Crashes, critical errors and even blue “death screens” occur with enviable regularity. Recently problems have also occurred with discord.game.sdk.dll file. It’s time to find out what’s causing the problem and how to fix it.

What is discord.game.sdk.dll

Discord.game.sdk.dll is a system component of the Windows operating system. It is needed to run messengers (Skype, Discord), graphics editors (Adobe and Coral), media players and entertainment content (Stalker series, Anomaly, Outward, Grand Theft Auto 5).


A component is added to the system as a part of the Visual C ++ library, but due to technical problems it often becomes inaccessible: damaged, moved to “Quarantine” by the anti-virus, not found, blocked or moved to a neighboring directory.


When file errors occur

Situations when errors like “Component discord.game.sdk.dll not found, damaged or moved” occur are not very common, so it’s rather hard to distinguish even a series of causes:

  • Running graphical editors that rely on components and libraries that are part of the Windows operating system, including Visual C++.
  • Problems with infected files detection: anti-virus mistakenly transfers system components to the “Quarantine” or passes them to a special database for analysis.
  • Errors while launching entertainment from Steam, Origin, Uplay: possibly game client didn’t load files to the end or encountered unforeseen overwrite errors.
  • Critical crashes from messenger or browser due to problems with Windows update: security patches are not loaded, components are lost, overwritten, corrupted. It is recommended to look in the “Security Center” right away.

Ways to fix it

If errors appear during the launch of messenger or entertainment content from Steam and third-party game clients, then you have to act according to the following scenario:

  • Downloading the file from the pages of a verified source and transferring it to a suitable directory on your hard drive (which directory is needed – will prompt directly the text of the error that appears when launching the software).
  • Installing Visual C++. It is desirable to download versions of 2015 and 2017, 32 and 64 bits. In any case, extra versions are not a hindrance, on the contrary, they will help to get rid of the error.
  • Run a scan through the command line, find and restore corrupted files. The command line is called by searching in the “Start” menu (necessarily with Administrator privileges). After that, just enter the command “sfc/scannow” and press “Enter”. After the passed check, it is necessary to restart the computer.
  • Reinstall the software or re-download the game from Steam, Origin, Uplay and third-party clients. With a probability of 99% during the previous download there was an internal error.


In addition to checking the hard drives for malware (it does not hurt to look at the “Quarantine” section in the settings of your chosen antivirus – perhaps the file is erroneously marked as infected) and download a recent backup of Windows, it is recommended to use the service Driver Booster, designed to download drivers and system components.


Troubleshooting unfolds in the background. Just click on the “Start” button before downloading the missing files.

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