Discord hotkeys: how to enable and configure shortcuts

Discord is a free messenger that overtakes other services by the number of daily users. The fact is that the developer of Discord managed to create a communication protocol that provides high quality voice and video calls. The program works on all popular platforms and has an intuitive interface. In addition, for the desktop version of Discord are available hotkeys that simplify the use of the program.

Why do we need hotkeys?

The service was originally created for gamers who find it inconvenient to keep the messenger window active. Therefore the program is sharpened to control keyboard shortcuts. Using the keyboard in Discord you can navigate between chats, control sound, connect to the server and so on.


Hotkeys list in Discord

The most popular function of Discord is the overlay. It allows you to display a semi-transparent text message window on top of a game or any other application. You can enable or reload the overlay by pressing SHIFT + ~.

Navigation button combinations allow you to quickly navigate through servers, message history, and voice conferences.


Discord has a convenient management of voice conferences and calls. For them, the service offers two modes of microphone operation: constant sound transmission and “walkie-talkie” mode. This option is also called “push-to-talk” – “push to talk”. You must hold down the key to activate the audio transmission. The microphone can be put on any button that is convenient to press to say something to the general chat.


Changing the default hotkeys

You can reassign keyboard shortcuts in the “Hotkeys” tab in the settings. In the same item you can set additional “binds” for other functions of the application. The blue button in the right corner adds new shortcuts. The program will open a list of available actions, such as disconnect from the server or activate streamer mode, and prompts you to press the desired button combination.

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