Discord registration: how to create an account and log in, instructions

Registration in Discord before accessing chats and servers takes minutes: after filling in a couple of text fields, the messenger allows you to focus immediately on communication, finding allies and friends. And, although the design of the profile will not require any skills or knowledge, questions are occasionally encountered, and therefore it does not hurt to understand the details – what fields to fill and how to pass authorization, when the data from the newly-found account is already in hand.

Why register in Discord

Cybersport messenger Discord, from a technical point of view, does not oblige to register before accessing thematic servers, channels or chats: just go to the official website and select “Open messenger in browser” at the top of the web page.


The system will automatically prompt you to create a new account by filling in only the text fields “Server” and “Nickname” (a kind of “registration” takes place without entering a username and password and is available in Russian). A couple of minutes, and Discord becomes fully available – voice calls, screen sharing, hashtag information search, stickers and emoticons.

Despite the advantages, the way with browser access also has disadvantages: a fluent registered profile is tied to a specific browser and computer and is not transferable to mobile operating systems. Problems will also arise with the subscription Nitro subscription, necessary to pump up servers and access exclusive content, and with the history of dialogs and chats.


Restrictions are removed full-fledged registration. All the details are below.

How to do it

The developers allow you to make an account for communication through Discord official siteand on mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. The difference between the methods is insignificant and has to do mainly with the design of the interface.



Via the site

On the official website of Discord, in the “Register” section, it takes 2-3 minutes to register a new account. For full access to the profile, it is enough to fill in the text fields: “E-mail”, “Username”, “Password”. And then – choose the appropriate date, month and year of birth from the drop-down list (age restrictions are very relative: those who are under 13 won’t have any problems with access, but some content won’t be available, including those servers marked as 18+).


After filling in the text fields on the screen will appear appropriate warning – the account is registered. To activate it you need to follow the link given in the letter to the e-mail address specified during registration and authorize.


In addition to the standard “register” option, there is an option to “assign” an account on your computer. Accounts are assigned if instead of registering on the official site the option “start in the browser” was used (the system will offer to fill in the text field “nickname”, and at the same time – to deal with age and other details, but not with entering an email or password).


Profile is assigned according to a familiar scenario – you need to fill out a form, wait for an email and click on the attached link to activate your account.

Important! The link is valid for an indefinite period. If an error occurs during the transition, “Activate profile” option will be available in Discord Settings (also in the browser version).

Via mobile app

Discord is officially supported by iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded from the pages of themed services – App Store и Google Play respectively (there are versions for phones and tablets). After downloading, the messenger will immediately offer to register or sign in, just like on a computer. And further actions are similar – it is necessary to fill in the text fields “E-mail address” and “Password”, and then – wait for the message sent by the developers to e-mail with a link to activate a new profile and additional instructions for beginners.


It is not necessary to confirm the account at once – you will have access to chats without following the link. But if you have trouble with access e-mail will be a guide to the section “Forgot your password?


Sign in to your account

Authorization on the official site of Discord and in the mobile version of the messenger is organized according to a similar script: the developers suggest entering confidential information from a previously registered account, namely, the email address and password.


The data is processed, checked against the database, and on the screen, regardless of the Discord version (mobile, browser or desktop), the messenger interface with chats, servers and channels will appear.

An alternative way to unlock the account is to use a QR code scanner (if you have a mobile version with passed authorization). You won’t have to enter any confidential data.


If there are problems with authorization even after changing the language layout and the case of letters added (button “Caps Lock” on the keyboard), it is necessary to use the button “Forgot your password”. The site will immediately give you the opportunity to enter your e-mail address or cell phone number and get further instructions.

Possible problems

Problems during registration or authorization are extremely rare – with 99% probability Discord will allow you to immediately start communicating in chats, on the selected server or one-on-one with invited friends or virtual allies.

Problems occur only if the Internet connection is unstable (on the official site of the messenger there will be a warning – “Failed to receive and process sensitive data”) or during preventive maintenance, when the system does not allow to enter even a couple of words. Problems are solved by rebooting the network or short waiting period – the situation will return to normal after 3-4 hours.

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