Discord War Thunder: Top 7 Russian servers and their descriptions

“War Thunder” – a competitor to “World Of Tanks” and games of the same line. The combination of planes, tanks and ships on the same battlefield is the gameplay that was expected from the Belarusian developers. But it did “War Thunder” and implemented at a higher level. But to have fun in the game, you need to find a company. The easiest way to do this is on the “War Thunder” Discord servers.

War Thunder Discord (rus)

The biggest server from the creators of the game. Administration in partnership with the developers. The company provided their moderators, part of the people to create content and constantly supports the influx of new users through promotions.

Here it is easiest to find teammates for a permanent game or a team for one evening. To increase interest there are additional contests, in-game gift giveaways and all sorts of incentives for players to be active. If you go looking for a permanent stack, team or clan – better to do it on War Thunder Discord.


Dyzen Traktir.

A local multi-gaming channel on Discord. There is not a large online and regular number of users to play together. Nevertheless, there are many bots on the server that create an atmosphere. The small number of players contributes to the rapprochement.

Playing War Thunder and looking for permanent partners here is not worth it. The community is mainly concentrated in other games – “ArkNights” and “Warframe”. In “War Thunder” come to play occasionally, mostly a couple of people. But you can try to find regular partners for other games.


Zilver’s Team.

The server has two bots. One musical, the second with the minigames. Additional content is not available. Regular players who log in every day, no more than 7. Total online is 30 people.

This channel is not for those who want to constantly play in the same company. In addition to “War Thunder”, there are also “HurtWorld” and “CS:GO”. The administration has no way to develop the server, so the influx of new members do not wait. Lamentability does not compensate for the low online, because people there almost never communicate and are not interested in each other. Most are statists who just happened to come to the channel.


Water.Fire.Thunder and Lightning.

Role players in Discord are a frequent occurrence. Water.Fire.Thunder and Lightning is a channel that was conceived for those who love RP. However, due to inactive development by the administration and lack of resources for advertising, it has not been able to attract enough online to justify the role-playing system.

But you can find a few people who are willing to fly the planes. Plus there are a couple of bots with which you can create a good atmosphere. Otherwise – the channel is more for calling friends to something already ready with the bots, rather than wasting time on creating your own server. Not suitable for regular play or finding teammates for the planes.


War Thunder

Another local server that uses the name of the game. There are a lot of them, but they do not stand out from the others. The official server on the online and the number of competitions and additional activities bypasses similar channels dozens of times.

The low online is not compensated by the lameness. As in previous cases, there is simply nowhere to get the online to be able to create any atmosphere. You can find one or two people who will play together regularly, but no more than that. Rather suitable for bringing friends to play one evening on a server with bots. Give more channel is not capable.


War Tunder Fun.

Local server with an online of more than 20 people. About 10 of them constantly get together and chat on the channel. You can fit into one of the companies, try to collect their own, or find regular teammates to play with for months.

The server is not suitable for roleplayers and those who are waiting for some kind of wagering. Those who want to improve their skills and find equal allies, it is better to pay attention to the official page. War Thunder Fun is more of a local hangout for people who would be interesting to correspond in chat without getting bogged down with unnecessary thoughts about the game and improving skills.



The channel was once popular. In the heyday of “WoT Blitz” and the popularity of “War Thunder” here regularly gathered over 100 people. Now out of 250 people online only a few bots and regular players go to the channel and try to communicate.

You can try to find airplane and tank lovers on a half-living server, but it will be hard to do. More like a regular chat than playing together and trying to improve your skills.


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