Diskord Apex: description and differences of the top 10 best Russian servers for the game

“Apex” is a team-based battle royale. Three users must stick together and defeat the other teams scattered around the map. The main objective is to collect loot to last until the end. Because of the emphasis on teamwork, random stacks that the system picks up are less likely to win than a well-coordinated pack. Therefore, it is recommended to gather your friends to play Apex, or look for teammates on Discord servers.


– Between Exchange

Apex RU Community.

The first server in the search engine. The most popular Discord channel on “Apex Legends”. Cooperates with the administration of the game, so owners have the opportunity to hold in-game events, give out gifts and encourage activity.

The rulebook must be strictly adhered to. No differences from other projects, only tougher moderators who do not care how long a person sat on the server, and what friends he knows play there. In arguments practically do not understand and ban all participants, so you should avoid toxic behavior.

The emphasis on competitiveness is not. You can find a team to play comfortably for a few evenings, as well as a pack that will try to hone skills together. The channel has up-to-date information on current tournaments.



TrollHata is a multi-gaming server focused on communication. There is a system of roles and a bot that assigns them. Among the games there is “Apex”, but it is not played that often. Not for competition, rather for entertainment for one or two evenings.

The administration has a strict policy. They have their own rules that must be followed. If a user violates them, first followed by a warning and moot, and then the final ban. It is impossible to challenge the decision, so toxic players do not stay on the channel for long.

Finding teammates is a secondary goal of the server. First and foremost here promotes chatting, finding friends and occasional teammates to get together and do something. There is entertainment: custom games, text games, and other such activities.


Alpha Family of Gamers | AFoG

Local server from a player nicknamed Jaxis. Plays Overwatch, Valorant, and Apex. Created as a project for friends, but after that hit the advertising boards. Online is low, people only show up in the evening after they’ve written each other off and decided to come in and play.

Find regular teammates or a pack that will play at the same time here is impossible. Online – 14 people, of which only 2-3 will flicker at least once a week in the chat and the channels.

Like any other local channel, not suitable for those looking for lively communication or anything like that. Apex Legends is played less frequently than the other two projects.


Apex Dream Team.

A community that devotes a lot of time to playing Apex. The channel started out from a pack of people who wanted to play together. Now it has grown into a project where you can try to find teammates.

Online is lower than on the official server. The regularity of attendance also leaves a lot to be desired. Nevertheless, you can find a few skilful players who will explain the base and can take with you to teach you something. For regular play will be good only if you manage to find teammates in the skil, but the probability of this is lower than on the official channel.



Low online, small number of people who play Apex. Worthy of attention only if you want to try and communicate with a small community. More conducive to standard chatting than to looking for teammates.

May come in handy when you need to bring your friends to a channel where bots will function. Little use for other things.


TeRRaN gAmes

TeRRaN gAmes is a streamer who uses, among other things, a channel in Discord for his PR. The Apex tag is just to get a share of the audience. You can’t find teammates here, you can only play with an unknown streamer.

Playing skills of the majority of subscribers is below average, so there is no point in chasing some kind of ranks and increasing the skill here. If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of noonemes, you can stay on the server for a few months. For other purposes, the channel is not suitable.



Another multi-gaming server with an online presence that isn’t even close to 20 active users every night. Designed as a place to socialize and find teammates. Another stillborn project came out, which is impossible to attract users to.

The only advantage is that there are almost no rules. You can be toxic, get into quarrels with players, and the administration will turn a blind eye to this. Moderators ban only in cases where there are personal insults in their direction. At most, they give a mute.


LP community

Foreign server. Players are rarely, in Apex even more rarely than in other games. Designed for communication. Set a few bots, which make life easier. Recommended to use the channel as a place where you can call your friends, with bots already set up. For another – the online and attendance is too small.


Friendly Community.

The name of the server uses a popular tag to try to attract users. But it does not work very well: the online is only 200 people, of which about 20 constantly go to the channel. This is not enough to regularly look for teammates.

The server is focused on FPS shooters. “Rainbow, Apex, Pubg. Gathered lovers of tactics, so if you want to standard communication and find teammates once every few days, the server is well suited. Competitive atmosphere is better not to wait.



A battle royal server. No need to be fooled by the number of users. Of the 1,500 regular online does not reach up to 30. Of these, no more than 5 are active. From time to time there are people looking for teammates, but they come from the search.

More suitable for communication. Chat is livelier than on most servers with a similar online. The role system is also present.


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