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Hello. In a previous post I told you about About file recovery after a virus attack. One of the most effective ways I called Hetman Recovery, a utility from the complex that quickly found all the lost photos. I would like to tell you more about this software, because it is a “must have” category for every computer user.

Why is it so important?

It is one thing when you need a computer just for watching movies online, listening to music. In general, for entertainment. But if you:

  • You work with important documents (accounting, sales, presentations);
  • Keep hundreds of gigabytes of photo and video memories on your hard drive;
  • programming, writing thousands of lines of code for an important project;
  • Share your PC with others,

then you need to take care of the security of your information.

Important info!

But life can be different: viruses “attack”, ill-wishers delete your files, the operating system “dies” and needs to be reinstalled, or you yourself recklessly send valuable data to the trash.

There’s a chance you’ll lose dozens of hours of work. What about vacation photos or videos of your baby’s first steps? They can get deleted, too!

Just in case.

When you are prepared for this kind of trouble in advance, it reduces the stress level and saves a lot of time searching for solutions on the Internet. Believe me, I tried a lot of programs before I installed one of the Hetman utilities. I spent several days deeply scanning my hard drive with various applications. The results were miserable: either nothing was found at all, or files were found, but once restored, they would not open (were corrupted).

Lupa searches for files on HDD

That’s why it’s worth “stocking up” on the right tools beforehand. On the official site of Hetman Software you can find the following software versions, each of which performs a specific task:

  • Partition Recovery – recovers FAT, NTFS partition data;
  • Photo Recovery – recovers deleted photos;
  • Office Recovery – brings back office documents;
  • NTFS Recovery – deep scanning of the NTFS file system;
  • FAT Recovery – searches for deleted information in FAT partitions;
  • Excel Recovery – recovers spreadsheet files;
  • Word Recovery – finds deleted “doc(x)” items;
  • Uneraser – recovers files after deletion from the Recycle Bin;
  • Data Recovery Pack – a universal package that includes all utilities.

Clicking on any of the links you will be redirected to the full product description page.

How to choose?

“There are a lot of options, but I am the only one”!

How to choose the right application? Do I have to download one at a time, hoping to get the results I want? Not at all!

It is enough to follow the link. At the first step, specify the reason for data loss (if you don’t know, check the appropriate box). Then you have to specify the file system type. Step #3 involves specifying the formats you are going to recover. After completing the “survey”, you will be offered the best options for your situation.

Helper for choosing a Hetman utility

It’s that simple!

Advantages of Hetman

  • The software of this developer is used by more than a hundred thousand people around the world. An important point is the quality of technical support, which promptly provides advice by phone and e-mail;
  • Regardless of the cause of data loss, special software will safely recover files on hard drives, memory cards, flash drives and other removable media;
  • Supports over 200 formats (photos, videos, archives, office documents, web development objects, and many more);
  • Using the “Preview” mode you can first preview the scan results, selecting the necessary items for recovery;
  • A special algorithm allows you to fix structural errors that prevent opening files after “reanimation”;
  • Multiple file saving options: removable drive, disk, burn ISO image, send files via FTP to a remote server.

Useful blog

In addition to the above benefits, I would like to separately mention the Hetman Recovery blog, the pages of which contain interesting tips on recovering unique types of data (correspondence in messenger chats, virtual machine data, etc.). Believe my experience, this kind of specific information is not easy to find on the Internet, especially for beginners.

All in all, I recommend downloading Hetman Recovery.

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