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Hi. Only the laziest could fail to notice that more and more foreign sites are blocked in Runet every day. The easiest way to bypass the bans is Hideme anonymizer, which allows you to enter any resource through an intermediary protocol.

How it works

You, as a user, are a “client”, and when you try to open a site in your browser, you are referred to a “server”. If such contact is impossible directly (due to restrictions introduced in the country), you should use an “intermediate link”, a web proxy.

Hideme ru anonymizer allows:

  • to perform spoofing of your real IP address;
  • hide your true geographic location;
  • anonymously visit sites without saving your browsing history in your browser.

It is enough to go to the specified site and in a special line specify the address of the resource you want to visit:

You can safely go to previously blocked sites without fear of “tracking”. No one will know about your “secret” – you can be sure of that. Most recently I chose my wife’s birthday present in a similar way, so that she would not accidentally see the visited pages in the history.

It’s worth noting that there are several countries available for selection in the settings, the default option is “Random”. But what to do if the proposed options do not suit you. Or you need more options? In this case it is better to download Hideme VPN program.

Why do you need it?

Suppose you are an avid gamer. And some games in multiplayer mode are not launched from Russian servers. Or you need to choose a specific country, which is not in the list. I won’t lead you by the nose for a long time, but just show you the benefits of using the app VPN:

Features of HideMe VPN

I’ll stress right away that the simple anonymizer only supports the last three items from the list of features mentioned above. This is the reality!

You just have to download from the official website by simply clicking on the link. In order not to take a pig in a poke, you are given a free trial period. Support for different operating systems is available: not only Windows, but also macOS, Android, iOS and Linux.

After installation, simply select a server from the list and connect to it. A program icon will appear in the notification area, using which you can manage the settings and status of the connection. It’s that simple!

The most important advantage of VPN is the encryption of all data, both received and sent. This allows for maximum security and protects the channel from eavesdropping and information leakage.

In addition, you will be able to download applications for different devices (laptop, smartphone, desktop PC) and use one account everywhere.

Once again, using a virtual private network, you will have access to online services that were previously blocked in your region. I won’t give you all the examples, you can see them on the official page of the service.

Hideme reviews are only positive, because its work is stable and has no problems. And the price of one day of use is ridiculous – only 11 rubles. Recall, a free trial period is provided, after which you can choose one of the tariffs and use it at your pleasure.

Since I am physically located in Germany, I often have to use this service. And I recommend it to you! Here is another link to download Hideme VPN.

Regards, Victor!


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