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Scales in your phone - what is it, how do they work, weight measurement apps

Did you know that your smartphone can measure the weight of small objects if you download scales on your phone for free. There are a lot of applications, but users often have a question – is it really possible to trust such software, on what principle it works. This publication will help to understand.

phone as a scale

Does it really work?

When we first heard about this functionality, we thought it was just another joke program. In fact, you can get pretty accurate data, but it’s worth understanding the principle of operation.

It may seem that the device has some sort of sensor under the screen, capable of responding to the force of a press. The latest generations of iPhones support ForceTouch technology, but its purpose comes down to a different essence.

But the scales in the phone are the responsibility of the sensor gyroscopewhich determines the position of the gadget in space. It is necessary to place the smartphone on a springy surface (sofa, chair, mattress, carpet, towel folded several times). This is necessary so that under the influence of weight the device will be pressed, and without load it will return to its original position.

If you use a hard table, there will be no effect.

You also need a small object of 5-10 grams, the weight of which is known for sure, for the initial adjustment of accuracy. The developers of such applications for Android recommend to take coins. One more point – it is desirable to weigh objects in the range of 10-100 grams.

“Calibration weight” is necessarily located on one end of the screen, and the unknown – on the opposite end of the screen. In this way we get the change of the indentation angle, the data is analyzed by the motion sensors and displayed using the appropriate application:

How scales work on your smartphone

Tips for more truthful metrics

Let’s look at the tips using the Working Scale app as an example

  • Place a small piece of paper on the display with a “reference” on it. This is to reduce the probability of sliding to zero. Otherwise, the data may be skewed;
  • Be sure to follow the instructions of the applications (they may differ not only in design, but also in the calibration procedure). Often you have to click on the “Start” button first and the “Instruction” line will tell you how to do this, pity it is only in English:
Starting Working Scale calibration
  • Then the utility will determine the position of the smartphone in a relaxed state. Do not touch it while the scanning is going on and the status “Busy” is displayed;
  • The next step is to quickly put the “calibration item” and when “Put unknown mass on device” is displayed, follow this requirement and look at the numbers:
Working Scale app
  • To start again, use the “Stop” button and repeat the procedure from the beginning. I recommend to press “Zero” in order to reset previous readings to zero.

By the way, I made a series of tests with different surfaces, and approximately realistic information was obtained using the cushion. The main thing is to align it, to fix it still.

How to download scales on the phone for free?

In addition to the above software is available many analogues on Android.

But I want to note right away that some programs create an imitation, show incorrectly. Well if you look at the rating, reviews, everything becomes clear. Definitely, you can not count on the scales in the phone as an accurate measuring tool. But such a possibility is present.

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