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Not so long ago I told you about the optimizer Clean Master for Android. But there are other analogues, the performance of which I would like to check. I decided to download Hi Security for Android, which is also known as Virus Cleaner 2018. At the end of the article, you can watch my video with a full review of the antivirus.

Antivirus optimizer for android

What is High Security’s cleaner?

If you enter the search query “cleaner” in Google Play, you will get dozens of results with similar titles, descriptions. But not all programs have high ratings and positive reviews. But this utility has a score of 4.8 points (out of five possible), so I wanted to check the effectiveness in practice.

You can download Virus Cleaner Hi Security by following this link.

Button to install Hi Security

You can read the review, see reviews on this page. I did not notice anything extremely negative, so I boldly clicked on the “Install” button.

Let me say right away that the application is not only an antivirus, but also an internal, RAM optimizer. In addition, it helps to cool the processor, deny access to important applications, create a blacklist of phone numbers to block incoming calls and SMS. Below we will look at these features in more detail.

Features of using Hi Security

The interface in Russian, is not confusing. As soon as you start the software, you get to the main window, where you are immediately “scared” by the bad status of the device security:

Hi Security offers to scan your system

Well, this is not surprising, because the utility is running for the first time and is not yet aware of the real picture. So you have to click on the shield button that says “Scan”.

I immediately found several security “holes” related to unimpeded access to messengers (Skype, Telegram). The negative point is that after checking, a window with ads appeared, and after it – another one. Well, it is good that at least you can return to the previous window without too many problems.

I hope you have paid attention to the main screen, where there are 4 tabs at the bottom:

  • Clearing;
  • Application lock;
  • File Scanner;
  • Gas pedal.

I will now go into detail about each of them.

Cleaning in HiSecurity

As soon as you click on the corresponding icon, the garbage scanner starts. Its working principle does not differ from the analogs – you wait a few seconds, then you see the found junk, you can uncheck the items you need, then tap on “Clear”:

Cleaning the junk in Virus Cleaner

Once again, when the process is complete, we will see two windows with ads. Somehow it all starts to get annoying. Go back to the main page and move on to the next item.

Virus Cleaner 2018 Accelerator

For some reason, the developers translated this feature into Russian as follows – “rocket launcher”:

Hi Security 2018 process optimizer

The algorithm finds processes that run in the background and offers to disable them in order to speed up the device. In my case, the smartphone screen video recording program was active, so I unchecked it. But Instagram can be safely turned off, because at that time I was not using it (but the software was secretly working).

So far I have not noticed anything extraordinary. But the ads bothered me again.

Blocking Android apps

Now this is an interesting functionality. The display shows a list of utilities that can store our correspondence and confidential data. Check the boxes of the necessary software and press “Protect”:

Software blocking in Virus Clearer

All you need to do now is to enter the graphical password you’ve come up with twice so that when you try to open the listed software only you will be able to enter it. And someone who does not know the key will not be able to view your information.

In-depth scan

If in the beginning we ran a general virus scan (searching among processes, services and installed programs), this time a more thorough procedure will be performed – all files on internal and external drives (microSD card) will be scanned.

Deep scan in HiSecurity

Strangely, the processing speed is very fast. I can’t believe that I can “scan” over 40 GB of information so fast (about 15 seconds). I understand that my smartphone is very powerful, but still…

Additional functionality

Besides the main tabs, you can also tap on the “three bars” in the upper left corner to see a few more tools.

  • Notifications Cleaner – helps get rid of annoying messages sent to us by various applications (email clients, messengers). Simply check the utilities from which you don’t want to receive Push notifications (click on the bell):
Notification filter in HighSecurity
  • CPU cooling – Quite a necessary thing when you actively use your gadget, run a lot of software, games. At such moments the device can overheat, slow down and even reboot spontaneously. That’s why you should use a CPU “cooler”:
CPU cooling in Virus cleaner

It shows us a list of applications that cause the CPU to heat up. It is recommended to disable them if you do not intend to use them. Click on “Optimize”.

  • Network security is a quite controversial tool as it tells us that the connection is insecure and slow. And then immediately prompted to install third-party software – VPN and Net Booster.
Network security in Hi Security

In other words, unnecessary software is being imposed on me. I am happy with the speed, I have another VPN installed. Why do I need these ads? I think that this functionality in Hi Security is made just to blur your eyes.

  • Call blocking – A useful feature that I recommend if you are constantly getting calls from unknown numbers from different “dealers”, or SMS mailings are flooding you with messages. I have this problem, so this tool comes in handy.
Blacklisting in HiSecurity

As you can see, you can block incoming calls that are not in the list of contacts, international calls. or specify a period of time when all incoming calls will be banned. And if you click on the “plus” button, it’s realistic to make more fine-tuning settings – to put specific numbers on the “blacklist”.

This is the functionality of Virus Cleaner Hi Security optimizer-antivirus, which you can download from the link from the official Google Play Market. I would like to know your opinion about the utility.

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