Drawings from TickTock: cool ideas for mini cards and postcards, pics for crashing

Using drawings and memes from the Internet for videos for TickTock manages to create original content. Meme pictures are a great way to gain popularity in a mobile app. Memes appear in the posts of any social network. A familiar, eye-catching cover image always attracts viewers. Funny memes, colorful pictures can be inserted into videos for TickTock.

How do TikTok use pictures?

The TikTok app is a platform for publishing short videos. The first thing users see when they download the program to their smartphone is a video. The application consists of a huge number of videos shot on camera. However, during the filming and to create a user profile, photos, drawings, memes and images are also used.


Where can I see pictures in TikTok? Each tiktoker has an avatar on its page. This is some drawn character or a real photo of the user. Photographs and pictures are used to create slideshows. Pictures can be inserted into videos. For example, in a video about choices or in stories about food, sports, travel, clothes. You can make a video of a user drawing a picture on their own.

Pictures in TicToc to crash

In youth slang, “crash” is the object of sympathy, that is, a favorite guy or girl. Of course, to express their feelings, lovers are looking for some original methods. TikTok invites users to declare their love by means of video with pictures.

meme ma'am




For a girl

Confess your sympathy for a girl is better with a short musical 15-second video, which can use pictures and photos from the Internet (cats with hearts, huge bouquets, beautiful flowers, birds in flight). It is true that the most appreciated clip is the one created from self-drawn pictures. You can take pictures of meadow flowers, draw a portrait of your beloved. Confess your love is better with a postcard with inscriptions inserted in a short romantic video.

♪ To declare my love ♪ ♪ Confess to love ♪ Declare her love Confess her love

Lovers of romance can shoot themselves on a white horse or insert an image of a white horse in the video. You can write about your feelings on cards that will appear in the frame. True, adding a drawing to the video sequence will require a bit of effort from the ticktockers. Romanticists who want to impress the girl will have to figure out the editing and functions of adding a drawing to the video.

For the guy

Girls who want to declare their love often use images of animals or pictures of their boyfriend in their videos. Ideas for the paint: a drawing in the style of children’s art with a funny inscription, photos of cats with hearts. Confessing love to a guy, you can write funny words on the picture. For example, “I love you like a cat box” or “I don’t need Google, because you’re everything I’ve been looking for.”

greeting card greeting card greeting card

The funny and cool memes (memes) that are walking around the internet can be used in TicToc. True, it is not necessary to insert someone else’s images into your video. It is better to borrow the idea, that is, make similar to a meme own picture, collage or snapshot.

List of popular memes 2021:

#DollyPartonChallenge (4 pictures in different clothes for 4 social media;)


what kind of character you are (a picture of a cartoon character on a person’s head);


the phrase “pay the witch with coin” in the background of the picture;


a picture of the Oscars kissing and director Pon Joon Ho;


Billy Eilish’s reaction at the Oscars;


a cat with kittens, as if she were a single mother;


the phrase “nature so cleaned up” in the background of a rare image;


punk gay guy in a pink latex jumpsuit;

gay punk

repetition of the subjects of famous paintings (a photograph using improvised means);


the phrase “Natasha, we dropped everything” against a background of cats.


Meme pictures taken from the Internet, it is better to edit. For example, insert your own text or photo. Memes can be used in editing videos for TickTock. Cool pictures are inserted into videos about your feelings or prank videos. Rollers with memes are made for friends and loved ones. Really, it’s better to open access to funny videos on TickTock. After all, such videos collect a lot of likes and help quickly gain popularity in this application.

TikTok memes for sketching

Pictures for TikTok try to make large, bright and colorful. You can insert into the clip not only a drawing, landscape, still life, drawn in oil, acrylic, watercolor or gouache, but also a meme from the Internet. However, even printing out a meme picture on A4 paper and coloring it, to achieve some amazing effect will not work.

It is better to draw a meme yourself on a large square sheet, that is, copy the image on a piece of felt paper and paint it. The Internet offers a huge number of easy-to-draw meme pictures (Ghost, Jellyfish, Roblox characters, Ugandan Knuckles, Troll Face, Yao Ming, Derpina, Cereal Guy).

Funny memes are inserted into video clips, pranks, and humorous stories. Meme pictures can appear on the hero’s face or in the air (or in a separate frame). In clips about clothing (picks) can be inserted drawing images of outfits or real photos. In video recipes, such as seafood, pictures or photos of dishes with shrimp or crabs are often inserted.

How to use for promotion?

Meme pictures are already popular with a huge number of Internet users. Of course, they can be inserted into videos for TikTok to attract the attention of tiktokers. Memes can be used to promote products and services. For example, place your products on the background of a viral picture.

The main thing to remember is that TicToc is an entertainment app. s and serious videos are not welcome on this site. Viewers love beautiful pictures, colorful photos, and light topics. Ticktockers who create vivid youth content have the best chance of gaining popularity. Young people love it when fashionable clothes, beautiful food and just young smiling faces appear in the frame.

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