Earmuffs in singers’ ears: its purpose and types, mishaps that happen

Few people think about why singers and artists need an earpiece in their ears on stage. Some do not even notice this device. First of all, the device is designed for the convenience of the performer: the headset transmits information to the host of the event. Before the special headset on stages used speakers-monitors. They were turned towards the singer. The principle of action was similar to the headphones.

Functional purpose

Headphones for musicians are made according to an individual mold of the inner ear. This guarantees a miniature size of the device, an increased level of noise isolation. The attachment, made for a specific person, securely fixes the device inside the ear.


The performer takes the device out of the ear if they want to listen to the audience in the audience or communicate directly with them. Sometimes the device causes discomfort. Most often it is associated with sweat or rubbing of the ear skin. In this case, you will have to remove the device.

The system has disadvantages. In some cases, because of a sound engineer error, the singer or artist gets into a mishap: the text does not match the music, the phonogram is suspended or only the speaker’s voice is heard in the foreground. Therefore, people on stage will have to take these points into account.


What kind of headphones are used

The most common type of headset used on stage is the armature headphones. The main advantage is the transmission of detailed sound with all the features. The sound comes in balanced on all frequency ranges. You can not hide a normal hearing device from video cameras. Armature models, on the other hand, are compact enough to remain unnoticed by the viewer.


The headset system for the stage is always working under a heavy functional load. Therefore, there are a number of high requirements for such devices. Let’s list them below:

  1. Excellent noise isolation. There is a lot of extraneous sound at concerts and public events. To concentrate, the singer’s headset should suppress noise.
  2. Clear sound in the monitors. This indicator is responsible for the artist’s clear vocal performance and comfort. If the sound is problematic, the performer experiences discomfort or pain in the ear canal.
  3. Absence of interference. Headset models with a cable are considered common and reliable. They don’t lose signal unlike wireless headphones, which are more likely to give off interference and extraneous noise when used.



When choosing headphones for the stage, first of all assess the financial capabilities. Standard models include in-channel headphones with dynamic drivers. The shape of the device is the same. The sound quality is acceptable: all musical tones are accurately conveyed. When money is limited, it is better to choose this option. However, standard devices lose out to armature devices.

Armature headset occupies the first positions on the professional monitoring systems. Such devices are made in compliance with all the above-mentioned requirements for sound quality. In addition to the basic parameters, armature devices are very attractive in appearance and are available in different designs.


Rules of usage

Using headphones for the stage is simple: the skill is built up through several sessions. Consider the order of use of the headset:

  1. First put on the block, which is considered the transmitter. The block has reliable fasteners, so it is easy to fix it on clothing.
  2. After that, the earpiece is inserted. It is not taken out during the performance. If the artist removes the device as the song is playing, the wave of sound will prevent the singer from continuing to sing the song the way he wanted.

In between songs, the performer can remove the headphones in order to hear the audience and communicate with them. Headsets are not only used for one purpose, but also for unusual circumstances. For example, when a change of plans needs to be communicated to the vocalist. In such situations, the notification is sent directly to the speaker’s ear.


What mishaps have happened to musicians wearing headphones

Headphones for performances is a very necessary thing, but sometimes mishaps happen. Basically, it is connected with the fact that the sound goes into the headset, and the general track is not playing by that time. There are also various delays in the sounds between tracks. This happens due to the fault of the sound engineer, sound engineer, or trivial equipment failure. Because of such cases and are born phonograms disclosures.

Headphones on stage help singers and artists concentrate on their voice and overall performance. It is better to use reinforcement devices, as they meet all the necessary parameters.

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