EIZO supports full HD

EIZO offers the latest model from this manufacturer. FlexScan HD2441W widescreen monitor supports Full High Definition format.

EIZO supports full HD

It is equipped with, among others, two HDMI connectors, so it is ready to work with audio-video equipment that is compatible with this format ? DVD players, game consoles or video cameras. FlexScan HD2441W uses a matrix with a native resolution of 1920×1200, so that images in FHD format are displayed at a size of 1920×1080 pixels.

The intention of the designers of this monitor was to create a model that allows its optimal connection to both the signal source and peripheral devices. Apart from two HDMI inputs, the new monitors have DVI-D (digital) and D-Sub (analog) inputs that enable simultaneous connection of two signal sources, as well as USB hub with dual upstream and downstream ports.

By connecting computers to upstream ports and peripherals to downstream ports, it is possible to use only one keyboard and mouse. In addition, a set of speakers can be connected to the monitor’s audio jack, which will be shared by both computers, and audio/video devices connected via HDMI.

The ContrastEnhancer function is implemented in hardware using an ASIC chip, designed by EIZO engineers with LCD TVs in mind. It automatically adjusts parameters such as brightness, gain, and gamma to bring their values to ideal levels in images that are too dark or too bright. When displaying multimedia, this gives a dynamic contrast ratio of 1000:1 to 3000:1.

The OutlineEnhancer function acts as a filter to improve the sharpness of blurred parts of the image with a seven-stage strength. A special ASIC chip reduces the response time of the matrix (from gray to gray) to 6 seconds and prevents ghosting. The fact that such image processing is performed by the monitor’s electronics and not by the graphics card makes it possible to sharpen not only static images, but also dynamic ones. The new monitor is equipped with the already proven BrightRegulator function.

A sensor on the front panel measures the level of light in the room and automatically increases or decreases the brightness of the displayed image. The Brightness Stabilization function on the HD2441W helps to maintain a constant level of brightness. This is an electronic circuit that stabilizes the brightness of the LCD panel 90 seconds after the monitor is turned on or after coming out of standby mode. Over extended periods of use, it further corrects the loss of panel brightness caused by standard fluorescent lamp degradation.

On-screen OSD menu provides a wide range of image parameters adjustment such as brightness, contrast, gamma value, saturation, hue, gain and color temperature. The touch control panel has been designed in such a way that there is no need to use several buttons and to simplify navigation.

When working with the computer, it is possible to select one of six monitor modes – Text, Picture, Movie, Custom, sRGB and WindowMovie (images in the player window are displayed brighter than the rest of the screen). In addition, Japanese designers have defined 4 display modes for audio/video devices: Standard, Soft (for movies), Dynamic (for games) and Custom (user-defined).

The new model is available in three color versions: black, silver and white-silver. Its price is about 6500 PLN gross.

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