Entertaining vacations

We are most likely to go on vacation with family or trusted friends who enjoy a good time – these are the conclusions of a survey conducted by the RMF Opinion Research Institute.

Entertaining vacations

We don’t want to go on vacation alone. Just 2.5% of those surveyed by the RMF Opinion Research Institute say that vacations are best spent alone.

The remaining respondents would definitely choose to relax in company. They would most like to spend their vacations with family – this opinion is held by over 43% of respondents.

Next most popular is going out with a group of friends or acquaintances (32.5%). Nearly one-fifth of respondents believe that it is best to spend vacations with a loved one. Preferences change with age. The youngest respondents – ages 18-24 – are the most convinced that vacations should be spent with friends, while older respondents lean toward family trips.

Friends on vacation or holiday acquaintances

We are overwhelmingly convinced that it is better to spend the vacations with reliable people – old friends whom we know well. This is the opinion of nearly 73 percent of respondents surveyed by IBOR. More than 21 percent of respondents say that vacations are above all a time to meet new people and make new contacts. Both of these options are not mutually exclusive – a trip with a proven group of friends does not have to be an obstacle to making new acquaintances.

Entertaining vacations

Poles know very well who they would most like to spend time with on vacation and what they think would be the best companion for their summer travels. When on vacation, we want to have fun – the vast majority, nearly 66%, voted for the best companion. respondents believe that it is better to go on vacation in the company of an entertaining person. Only 1/4 of the respondents are of the opinion that it is better to spend this time with someone quiet.

In this issue women and men have the same opinion. Differences in opinions appeared in different age groups. The youngest respondents proved to be the most thirsty for fun – as many as 81 percent of them say that it is better to go on vacation with an entertainer. As we get older, the need for quieter forms of leisure time increases. Respondents over 40 years of age were more likely than others to believe that vacations should be spent in the company of a quiet person.

Vacation with a sleepyhead or a morning bird

During the vacations we do not want to waste time sleeping, after all, it’s better to get up earlier, so you can see and experience more. Almost 65 percent of respondents believe that it is better to go on vacation in the company of a morning bird. A vacation with a sleeper would be chosen by 1/3 of those surveyed.

We prefer spontaneous holiday adventures to a carefully planned and thought-out trip. More than 71 percent of respondents would prefer to go on vacation with a person who makes everything up as they go along, rather than with someone who plans ahead. Women differ slightly from men on this issue, as women appeared to be in favor of trips with a spontaneous person, while men more often than not prefer the company of people who carefully plan their trip.

Opinions are divided when it comes to planning holiday expenses. Respondents were unable to decide whether it would be better to go on vacation with a frugal or extravagant person. Slightly more than 45 percent of respondents prefer the “safer” company of a frugal person, while 42 percent would have more fun with someone extravagant. On this issue, ladies proved to be slightly more pragmatic than gentlemen. On the contrary, the youngest respondents. They would prefer to relax in the company of someone extravagant, who is not afraid of holiday expenses.

Who we don’t want to meet on vacation

Just as good company is a guarantee of a good time on holiday, it can happen that an unplanned meeting with an unwanted person spoils the trip. When on vacation, we primarily look for an escape from everyday life – mainly work. Respondents most often (28 percent) cited their boss at work as the person they would most prefer not to meet while on vacation. The prospect of meeting friends from work while on vacation no longer arouses much opposition. Only 9% of respondents would be most reluctant to meet friends from work while on holiday. Some concern is raised by the prospect of meeting an ex-love. For 16 percent. Those surveyed would find this to be the least pleasant holiday encounter, with unmarried people being the most fearful. We would be reluctant to run into our in-laws (13%) and a teacher from school (11%) during the vacations. We are least concerned about meeting a neighbor or family member on vacation.

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