Error 182 – AMD installer can not determine the graphics hardware correctly

If you get error 182 – AMD installer can’t determine the graphics hardware correctly on your computer, you will find a solution to the problem in this publication. Let’s take a look at the official way offered by the developer’s help service.

AMD Software 182 error

GPU-KB182 – what is it?

This is exactly the designation of the failure that appears during the installation of drivers with AMD’s proprietary utility. With a similar notification encountered when installing Photoshop (Photoshop), Cydia Impactor, etc.

It turns out that the Radeon Software installer was unable to identify the required hardware. The most trivial reason encountered by users is trying to download unsuitable software. For example, you have a GeForce video adapter, but you download AMD software for it.

But there are other factors as well:

  • You have an integrated graphics card for which the universal driver set supplied with the AMD utility is not suitable;
  • You are using outdated hardware;
  • Your adapter is based on AMD, but with some modifications from the manufacturer. Due to this, installation of specific software is required.

How to fix error 182 – Radeon Software installer can’t detect your graphics device?

The solution to the problem stems from the reasons listed above.

  • If you know the exact name (model) of the card, then you should go to the official AMD website in the “Support” section, find the appropriate driver, download and install it. After that, be sure to restart your computer:
How to fix AMD installer error 182 - AMD installer can not correctly identify the graphics hardware

If you don’t know what adapter is on your PC – we recommend read our article. It describes simple ways to determine the exact name of the graphics gas pedal. Similar instructions can be found in the AMD help section.

  • In the case of non-original (adapted) devices from other manufacturers, you should download the software developed specifically for such hardware. It is recommended to read the list of AMD partners, go to their pages and download the appropriate drivers. This also includes companies that produce laptops, computer assemblies using AMD components. For integrated graphics, most often you need to update the chipset driver;

What to do if error 182 is not eliminated by the above methods? The last instance that can help is the customer service center, available at the link:

How to fix AMD installer error 182 - AMD installer can not correctly identify graphics hardware

The fields marked with a red asterisk are required when sending your request:

  • Email address – The email address to which the response will be sent;
  • Title – how to address you (Mr., Ms., Company);
  • First Name – first name;
  • Last Name – last name;
  • Country – choose country from list;
  • Company Name – company name (if available);
  • Product Type – type of product. Choose “Graphics Card – Radeon”;
  • Category – request category. We choose “Technical Support”;
  • Subject – the subject of the request. Let’s write it exactly like this: Error 182;
  • Problem Description – give the detailed description of the problem: what circumstances caused it;
  • Be sure to attach to your message the “Installer.log”, which is located in the folder:

C | Program Files | AMD |CIM | Log

We hope that our instruction helped you to get rid of error 182 during installation of AMD drivers.

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