Error 3194 in iTunes when restoring the firmware – what to do?

How to fix iTunes error 3194

Many people think that Apple tech can’t fail. It’s like a famous Swiss watch, where everything is fine-tuned and precise. But sometimes there are problems with these gadgets. Most often the owners of iPhones worry about the error 3194 in iTunes when restoring the firmware. Will it be possible to get rid of this problem on your own? Today we’re going to try to figure this out, as well as look at the causes of this error.

Why does the 3194 error occur?

First of all, I would like to point out that no one is immune from such failures, and if they occur, it does not mean that the device is damaged or something was wrongly done. In some cases, the difficulty is due to the security of the computer software, it can also be related to the settings of the router or even a problem with the manufacturer’s servers. Error 3194 in iTunes can occur in various cases, mostly related to the software, but not always. So, this failure can appear in the case of:

  • Restoring the “apple” device;
  • Updating the operating system.

When the notification appears in the process of restoring the device, the computer monitor in iTunes will display a warning that the recovery failed and an unknown error 3194 appeared.

The same notification will appear when there are failures during the update.

In order to understand the causes of the malfunction, you should take a step-by-step look at the iPhone firmware recovery process:

  • First, the iTunes firmware file is downloaded from the manufacturer’s server;
  • Unpack the IPSW-archive;
  • The smartphone is prepared for recovery (transfer to Recovery Mode);
  • Check iPhone update, request to the server to verify the digital signature of the firmware with the ECID certificate (it is individual for each gadget);
  • Then repair process will start, and company logo and status bar will appear on the display:
iPhone Firmware Repair Status

If after iTunes sends a request to sign the firmware with this certificate, there is no answer from the update server, then unknown error 3194 appears. Causes of its appearance are divided into categories, there are:

  • Software;
  • Hardware.

It is possible to understand why the failure appeared as follows:

  • If the malfunction occurred before the manufacturer’s logo and status bar appeared on the gadget display, or still at the beginning of the filling – the first kind, the cause is in the program;
  • If the battle notification pops up during flashing at about 75% (2/3 of the line is already full) – this is the fault of the hardware.

Updating iTunes application

This problem with iTunes when restoring appears because the program fails to verify the digital signature of the firmware. The update, just like the recovery, goes through two preliminary steps – loading the firmware from Apple’s server and checking the signature. If for some reason the verification fails, the user sees error 3194.

It can also happen that iTunes itself is outdated, because any software has this property. As a result, some tools and modules stop working, and it becomes unreal to use the utility.

From such a situation you can find a way out. You can:

  • Install a new version of the software by downloading the distribution from the website;
  • Upgrade the existing version via the application.

Let’s consider the first option. To download it, you have to go to the official resource of the corporation. You need to choose the variant with the appropriate bit rate (32 or 64 bit), remove the tags for receiving news and various mailings (if you need it, you can leave it), click on the “Download” button and wait for the procedure to complete. Then you run the installation file and update iTunes.

iTunes download site

If the application fails to update, you should completely uninstall the old version and only then try to install the new one. There are many instructions on how to completely uninstall this software, you can use one of them.

After completing the update of the application, activate the program and try to restore or do the update of the device again. Usually after the above procedure the unclear error 3194 does not appear. If it appears again, you should go to another method, but in any case it will not be superfluous to update or reinstall iTunes.

How can anti-viruses and firewalls affect you?

The odd glitch still continues to bother you, and a software update has not produced a positive result? Don’t despair, you just need to consider other options. For example, you can try to deactivate anti-virus software and firewalls, which are too meticulous about different content, and with great care sort both necessary and unnecessary packages.

If you feel like the security software you’re using is preventing you from updating or restoring your smartphone, try disable it. In addition, it is necessary to deactivate the Windows firewall, it is known for its unpredictability, so it can block without permission different requests that seem suspicious to it.

Running the firewall through the search bar

After that, try to perform the firmware restore again, while keeping a close eye on iTunes. In most cases after these actions the signature is checked and there is no error.

Editing the hosts file

The application still fails? If the previous two methods did not help, you will have to slightly edit the hosts file, it is located at:

C / Windows / System32 / drivers / etc

Hosts location

Inside the file you have to delete line I should point out that on a Mac, you will find this object in the /etc. In order to edit the file, you should use a standard Windows Notepad (or any other text editor).

After deleting the mentioned line error 3194 during firmware repair should go away.

If you are unable to edit the hosts, try running Notepad with administrator privileges.

If the problem still persists, restart your iPhone and try again. By the way, as you have already realized, a different algorithm is used for Mac hardware. In order to fix error 3194, you need to:

  • go to “Programs” and “Utilities”;
  • activate “Terminal”;
  • In the window that appears, type the command:

sudo nano/private/etc/hosts

  • type in the security key used to log in to the system;
  • click again on “Login”. The lines that are in the hosts file should appear. Simply delete the line indicated in the previous instruction. Do a reboot of the device.
hosts on Mac

TinyUmbrella utility

You can also try a special program, which helps many users. To do this, you download and install it, then follow these simple steps:

  • find the Advanced section;
  • uncheck the “Set hosts for Cydia on exit” box.

More information about working with the application can be found at the link.

Last resort – the service center

When none of the traditional options helps, the problem lies in the malfunction of the iPhone itself. This can also be understood from the fact that the error appears at the beginning of the procedure, and not at the end of it. You, of course, will not be able to perform the repair yourself, so you should go to a specialized service center. There, the device will be looked at by professionals, will help to return your smartphone to its normal state and will find the cause of the problems.

Hopefully, my recommendations will help, and the error 3194 in iTunes when restoring the firmware will be corrected. If you can’t fix the problem in one way, try another. Well, I wish you have less problems with your gadgets.

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