Error – what is this failure, how to fix it? error - what is this glitch?

Hello. The other day on my Android TV-set I got the error every 10-15 seconds. What kind of fault is this? Why after closing the message it appears again, covering a large part of the screen? Rebooting the device has not helped. I had to resort to more drastic measures. About everything I will tell further in the review.

Those were just the flowers…

I decided to scan my gadget for viruses, but for this I had to download a special utility from Play Market. But when I tried to enter Play Market, another error popped up. Obviously, the “bug” is not simple and entails a lot of other troubles. What was the reason for the failure? I did not install anything, I did not change any settings, I was just watching Youtube videos.

android vending error

As it turned out, if there is an error in the system component com android vending, it means that the integrity of the service “Google Services”, which controls most of the built-in Android applications, is broken. Specifically “vending” is responsible for automatically updating applications, downloading them, installing them. And at the moment the notification appears, the system is just trying to perform one of these actions, but something goes wrong.

Causes of failure

The defect occurs in the following cases – when:

  • Automatic download of updates was disabled in the Play Market settings;
  • Incorrect date and time was specified, or synchronization with the network was disabled;
  • Some new programs conflict with the system. It can be both safe applications and malicious software;
  • Important components of the Android OS have become corrupted due to a crash or other malfunctions. By the way, my set-top box is powered directly from the TV via USB, and I could accidentally turn it off without having previously completed the TV gadget. Most likely, this was the decisive factor;
  • The free space on the “disk” is running out, making the software feel “uncomfortable” while working.

What to do – how to fix the error?

Let’s assume that everything is alright with date/time parameters, there is enough internal memory, but “com android vending” message keeps bugging us every ten seconds. So it’s time to move on to the instructions.

  • The surest option is to turn on “Auto Update” in the Google store settings. But you still need to get there, and I just get thrown out of the store. So you need to open the list of applications, find Play Market in it, and then in the information window do the following manipulations in strict order – clearing the cache, stopping the process, and deleting updates:
Play Market app details window


After that, be sure to restart the device and try to log into Google to activate the automatic update.

  • If the previous solution did not work, it is worth to reinstall the utility by downloading it from a trusted resource. I recommend Trashbox – here is a link to the page with all versions, descriptions and reviews.
Trashbox website

When you download the APK file, pay attention to the name, because on the above site there are a lot of ads, and often, after the first click on the download link is offered to download some unnecessary software. Be attentive!

  • On mobile forums they also recommend searching the web for the installer of the component to perform reinstallation. But it is not so easy to do, because such interventions in the system require Root access and a special file manager that allows editing system elements. I would not recommend this option.

  • And here is the method that helped me: I went to Android settings, then went to the list of applications (if you have several tabs, go to “All”) and find com android vending, which causes the error. In the information do the steps similar to the ones I described above (using PM as an example):

android vending information window

I recommend repeating the first step of the instruction before rebooting.

After that the system worked correctly again. But every situation is different, and if my article did not help to solve the problem, be sure to let me know in the comments. I will look for other options.

Sincerely Victor!

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