Even more about sex

It’s more important to us, we want to have it more often, we don’t consider it something shameful and we get real pleasure from it. Men and sex. What do we think about it? And how do we approach its “sensible” side, i.e. contraception?

Even more about sex

As you might expect, sex interests men more than women. 70 percent of men say sex plays an important role in their lives, and 47 percent say they have intercourse at least a few times a week. To the same questions women answer 57 and 47 percent. The reason for this difference may be a higher level of aspirations of men in this area.

For representatives of both genders sex life is usually about closeness and tenderness of both partners, proof of love from the partner and source of satisfaction and pleasure. At the same time, the first aspect is indicated by more women than men. According to a study conducted for Janssen Cilag, among people aged 18 to 40. years using contraception – for women, sex life is a responsibility for a new life. This may mean that women give more weight to the emotional side of sex life, while men are more likely to pay attention to the physical pleasure dimension.

Sex life was considered a taboo subject by 10 percent more women than men. But the use of contraception is not an embarrassing issue for about 90 percent of both men and women, and is far less embarrassing than sex life, intimate area complaints and life failures. Men consider visits to a fortune teller, visits to a beautician and love to be more embarrassing. These are areas considered unmanly by a certain part of men in Poland.

Contraception and men

Knowledge of contraception is an important part of sex life. Men most often obtain this knowledge from their peers (as much as 48%), from the press (38%) and from books and manuals (34%). Our knowledge is also influenced by school, television, the internet and family.

The issue of contraception is still widely considered to be a woman’s issue. Meanwhile, 75 percent of men (and 67 percent of women) believe that the choice of contraception method and everything related to it concerns both partners equally.

Contraception as understood by men is primarily the condom. Nearly 40 percent of men prefer this contraceptive method, and women choose the condom more often than women do the oral pill. Analyzing the responses, it can be concluded that men prefer “ad hoc” methods, while women prefer “systematic” methods.

Almost half of the respondents perceive a strong correlation between the effectiveness and convenience of contraception and satisfaction with sex life. Effectiveness and low harm are the main reasons for frequently choosing condoms, while effectiveness and convenience are the main reasons for using hormonal contraception. Women and men think similarly on this topic. More than half of the respondents believe that the use of hormonal contraception (pill, contraceptive patch) is a sign of modernity.

In relationships, it is usually women who decide on the choice of contraception method. 29 percent of women took it almost exclusively on their own, while only 15 percent of men did. However, most often partners undertake it together (68 percent of men and 52 percent of women responded this way).

The contraceptive pill for men still raises many emotions. According to the respondents, its introduction would be more attractive for women than for men themselves.

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