Exatel. The first such satellite teleport in our part of Europe

The opening of a satellite teleport, which will be used for the needs of state institutions and commercial entities, was announced on Tuesday by Exatel. As it was emphasized, this is the first solution of this kind in Central and Eastern Europe controlled by a state-owned company.

According to the company, the Exatel teleport operates a set of seven satellite dishes with the largest dish diameter size of 6.3 meters. The teleport is currently being used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Deputy Minister of State Assets Maciej Małecki, who was present at the opening ceremony, stressed that the launch of the teleport represents an important moment for the institutions of the Polish state, for the Polish army, for the services protecting internal security and for industry.

“The opening of the satellite teleport also means strengthening the connectivity of Polish posts around the world. This is an important step in building the cyber sovereignty of our country.” – he said, pointing to the need to develop our own competencies in cybersecurity.

Małecki recalled that Exatel is a company 100 percent owned by the Polish state, supervised by MAP, which is entering more market segments, increasing Poland’s security and opening new opportunities for Polish companies.

“Poland is still not present enough in space”. – he assessed. He indicated that the opening of the teleport is – next to the construction of the Polish space cluster in Podkarpacie – another step to change this.

“This is the only satellite teleport in Central and Eastern Europe, built by a state-owned company. It was built in a very short time, 8 months”. – He stressed. “The next steps will be to build a Polish Earth observation satellite system where we will be independent, where we can use these technologies for our needs and sell them to those who will need them,” – he added.

“Today, developing cyber sovereignty is the Polish raison d’etre.” – he said.

Deputy Defense Minister Marcin Ociepa also assessed that such investments show that the Polish state understands geopolitical and technological challenges.

“We are aware that we are catching up from many years ago,” he – he said. He pointed out that there is still a “huge amount of work” to be done. He pointed out that the construction of the teleport is proof of the importance of interdepartmental cooperation and cooperation between administration and industry.

Exatel CEO Nikodem Bończa Tomaszewski noted that building Poland’s cyber sovereignty is “the mission of Exatel,” which was bought out by the state in 2017. According to Boncza Tomaszewski, this transaction reversed the unfavourable trend of the Polish state disposing of telecommunications assets at a time when the role of telecommunications and cyberspace was growing.

The Exatel chief pointed out that the company is the originator of the Polskie5G project – a single wholesale operator of a nationwide wireless mobile communications network in the 5G standard in the 700MHz band, and in the future would like to play the role of an operator of a strategic communications network, the establishment of which is envisaged by the amendment to the Act on the National Cyber Security System currently under way.

According to Exatel, the teleport opened on Tuesday can provide a range of satellite communications services, and the high visibility of geostationary satellites makes it possible to connect to almost anywhere on Earth. As reported, the teleport also provides broadcast services for media companies or can provide backup access to telecommunications satellites for their operators. It can also receive real-time satellite data via EDRS (European Data Relay System) from satellites in low Earth orbit and relay it back to Earth via satellites in geostationary orbit. It can also be used for mission control, i.e. to manage e.g. a constellation of Polish observation or telecommunication satellites.

As emphasized during the opening ceremony, the teleport is not the only “space” project of Exatel. In January 2021, the company in cooperation with Rzeszow University of Technology and the State School of Technology and Economics in Jaroslaw, signed a letter of intent on the establishment of a Polish space cluster. The result will be the creation of an Earth Observation Satellite System.

The company said that the project is to include the creation of a Polish constellation of six baseline remote sensing microsatellites. This solution will provide very high resolution imaging (VHR), applicable in the areas of defense, security, crisis management, agriculture, environmental protection, among others.

According to Exatel’s plans, the first Polish satellite will be launched in 2023, while the entire constellation will be launched in late 2026.

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