Extension for Vkontakte to download music and videos in 2022

How to download music, VKontakte videos - the best browser extensions

If you are looking for an extension for Vkontakte to download music and videos, this review will look at the current ways in 2022. In the article you will find links to add-ons for different browsers – Yandex, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


Addon for Opera

To install the necessary elements, you should first click on the button in the upper left corner – “Menu” with the image of the browser logo.

Now click on the item “Extensions” and in the list that appears – “Download…”:

Access to Opera extensions

Opera plugins store will open, and on the right will be a search bar. In it we insert the query -. Download Vkontakte Music And press Enter. Several results will be displayed, but we are interested in the first one (with the maximum number of user ratings):

Click on the add-on to go to the description page, where you should click on the green button “Add to Opera” and wait for 10-15 seconds while the extension is installed.

You can move on to checking it out.

Icons for downloading VKontakte music

As you can see, a download arrow appears next to the song title, and when you hover over it, you can view the quality of the recording.

I tried to download a few tracks and found that some are downloaded in 1 second, while others take 30-40 seconds. In the first case, the file is not played on your computer, because it is not full-fledged (probably triggers some protection for VK).

Note that with the transition to the new interface of the social network, many extensions have ceased to work, although you can still find them in the store Opera. Be sure to read the reviews on the description page, where people share their opinion.

SaveFrom.net helper

If the above described option is only suitable for working with audio content, then the “SaveFrom.net helper” extension is also suitable for downloading videos.

But for the additional functionality you have to install the official application on your computer. But then you will be able to download content not only from VK, but also from Youtube, Odnoklassniki, Facebook.

Add-on for Opera is installed, and now near each song you can see a “down arrow” when hovering over the item:

SaveFromnet for VK

And if you want to download several tracks or the whole playlist to your PC at once you need to click on the “SaveFrom.net” symbol in the upper right corner and select the corresponding option in the menu:

More options for SaveFrom.net plugin

More useful applications and web services for working with VK, you can find in my article here.

I also recommend a video where I share my personal experience and talk about the benefits of Opera, the ability to install plugins from the Chrome store:

How to download music from VK through Google Chrome and Yandex browser

Since these two browsers run on the same engine, most of their extensions are the same. That’s why I combined them into one section.

  • VK Music – exclusively for audio. After installation, you open the “Audio Records” section and click on the black arrow that appears:
VK Music buttons
  • Download music and videos from VKontakte is a universal plugin that can “pull down” any media content to VK. Just click on the “Cloud with an arrow” icon:
Add-on Download music and videos from VKontakte

In the case of music videos, just select the quality of interest and a couple of seconds later the process starts:

Download video clips with the plugin

Plugins for Google Chrome and Yandex browser are solved. At the time of writing (February 2022), all of the methods described were working correctly and have been tested by me “on my own skin”. If you notice that the methods do not work, please let me know in the comments.

Add-ons for Firefox

One of the most effective methods is VKontakte.ru Downloader, but it is not supported by all versions of Firefox browser – will not work in Quantum version. But with the others – there is no problem.

VK.ru Downloader for Firefox

The second solution – SaveFromNet Helper – is more universal, suitable not only for VK, but also for other social networks, file sharing sites. I told you about its work principle above in this publication.

Now you know which extension for Vkontakte to use to download music and videos. Once again, I ask you to notify me in the comments about the cases when the functionality of add-ons is broken. This way I can promptly adjust the article material so that you receive only relevant content.


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