Exactly 6 years ago, on the 4th of February 2004, the biggest social networking site in the world – Facebook – was launched. Today, each of its 350 million users can become a fan of the FACET.INTERIA.PL website. All you have to do is click!


The second, after Google, most visited website on the Internet would not have been created if it wasn’t for . love disappointment suffered by its creator, Mark Zuckerberg. On October 28, 2003, the second-year computer science student at Harvard University was dumped by his girlfriend. Zuckerberg, wanting to forget about her as soon as possible, began to look through an album of photos of people living in his dormitory.

That’s how he spent the entire evening. Consoling himself that there are people uglier than him, he came up with the idea of creating a “hot or not” website. Calling it “Facemash,” which loosely translated means “facial pulp,” he allowed site users to rate which of two juxtaposed characters they liked better. To get enough pictures. hacked into the university’s database of all dorm residents. The site didn’t last long on the servers, but at least Zuckerberg wasn’t expelled from the university.

Success from the start

The case of “Facemash”, which, in addition to photos, contained contact information of the people featured, gave a computer science student the idea to create another site. Within two weeks, he wrote a script for a social networking site that targeted students at Harvard University. Launched on February 4, 2004. – at the time, “Thefacebook” allowed users to keep in touch online and share information or photos with friends.

At that time, Harvard University did not have a public student database, so “Thefacebook” became wildly popular among students. Already two weeks after the launch, more than 2/3 of Harvard students had registered on the site. Encouraged by its success, Zuckerberg, along with his colleagues, decided to expand it to other universities. By the summer of 2004, students from 30 universities and schools were able to find real friends in the network.

A service for everyone

Zuckerberg with friends moved the company to the other end of the US – to Palo Alto, located in Silicon Valley. With money and knowledge of Peter Thiel, one of the founders of Napster, the company of five friends from Harvard grew rapidly. More and more universities, schools and companies received invitations to register on the site, which since 2005 – after buying the domain facebook.com for 200 thousand dollars – was called Facebook.

A landmark event in the company’s history occurred on September 26, 2006, when the service was opened to anyone with at least 13 years of age and a valid email account. From then on, invitations were no longer needed, and users grew at a rate of 2 million per week.

Facebook started to get more and more crowded. Its users, in order to maintain the service at an appropriate level, began to require each other to follow a few simple rules. Adherence to a kind of Facebook etiquette is to guarantee the maintenance of healthy relationships between users. Not only in the virtual world. In short and funny form they look like this:

There are currently more than 350 million active accounts on Facebook, and half of the users log on daily. The average user spends 55 minutes on Facebook each day looking at photos (2.5 million more each month) and reading posts (3.5 million more each month) of their 130 friends. Each month, the average user adds 8 new friends. The value of Facebook is estimated at 15 billion dollars.

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