Failed to connect to remote RDP computer – how to fix it

How to fix the

If you enter correct login/password but see “Can’t connect to remote computer” error in RDP window, most probably there is a problem with ports being unreachable or blocked. Users have been “fighting” with this problem for more than four years. It all started because of a Windows update that introduced a new level of connection security. Do you want to know all the possible solutions to get rid of the defect?

Causes and consequences

As soon as the KB2992611 update was installed on computers, many users displayed a similar message when trying to establish a connection.

It is worth noting that this behavior is typical for any of the existing versions of Windows, starting with XP. Microsoft has released a couple of security updates, but it has caused a series of side effects such as the one described in this article.

Here are a few more factors that can provoke the error:

  • One of the following applications is installed on your laptop (PC) – Vipnet, CryptoPro;
  • Third-party programs for data encryption are used;
  • There are no up-to-date Windows 7 8 10 updates;
  • There was a failure that compromised the integrity of the system.

There are several reasons – the essence is the same: unable to connect to a remote computer, try again. Of course, this advice will not help, no matter how many times you try. So, let’s move on to the solutions.

How to fix an RDP error?

We will consider ways based on the factors listed above. Most often the problem is caused by third-party software. Try to uninstall VipNet, then download the latest version from the official site and install it again. If it didn’t work, you should think about using analogues. This will be discussed at the end of the post.

After uninstalling, be sure to clear traces of the application on disks and in the registry. There is no need to do anything manually, just install any optimizer from the list. For example, CCleaner (by clicking

by following the link

(Click here to not only download the software but also watch a video tutorial).

Working with updates

It is necessary to ensure that Windows has all the latest updates necessary for a secure connection to a remote computer. Be sure to download the following sets from Microsoft’s official site and install them:


There are 2 items available here – choose and download both.


As a result, 3 MSU files will be downloaded to the PC, you just run them one by one, wait until the copying procedure is completed and then reboot the system.

Some forum users, on the contrary, wrote that deleting Windows updates helped them. To do this, you should go to “Control Panel”, then open “Programs and components” and click on the left item “Installed updates”. The only thing left to do is to find (KB2992611) in the list, get rid of it:

update history

Try also to download RDP – here is a link to update from official site.

Change the encryption level

This is not the most correct way, but if the other one didn’t work, it’s worth resorting to this method.

  • Open the “Control Panel” – you can via Start Windows 7 or the Windows 10 search bar:
Running the control panel in windows 7
Control Panel in Win10 search results
  • Select the “Large icons” view mode in the upper right corner and then click on “Administration”:
Control Panel - Administration
  • Look for “Remote Desktop”, then “Remote Desktop Host Configuration”. Open the settings for the server and on the general tab a couple of options should be changed – set the “RDP Security Level” and the encryption to “Low”:
Lower the encryption level

Alternative Software

There are many utilities that allow you to connect to a third-party PC. The most common and simple is TeamViewer.

Enter remote PC password

I have already talked about it in a previous post. Therefore, I will not repeat it. If you need to know it. Here is the link.

The software is really easy to configure and use. It has a nice interface in Russian. The only thing to know is that to avoid problems with the connection you should use the same version of the program on your PC and on the remote one.

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