Find iPhone from your computer with Apple’s easy ways

Find your iPhone from your computer: search for iPhone, remote locking

Apple corporation is particularly attentive to security. This fact can prove to us, for example, that for PC on Mac does not create antivirus, because there is no need for them due to the peculiarities of the operating system itself and the manufacturer’s competent approach to its promotion. Today, if necessary, you can easily find your iPhone from your computer, and even remotely lock it, delete all the information from it. This is exactly what we will talk about today.

How to find a lost Apple smartphone

Branded software to find the iPhone

I think the owners of “apple” gadgets know about the utility, which is included in the standard set of iOS applications – “Find iPhone“. It specializes in finding the iPhone, while it can be especially useful if it is stolen. So after purchasing a new iPhone, you should first find and activate this program.

It is worth noting that the first time the application appeared on iOS in version 5.0. Immediately the product had its own icon, interface and excellent functionality. The company’s resource about the application says that it can find and protect your device even if it is stolen. Now this special service is not only found in the iOS shell, it is part of Apple’s own storage, which has been named iCloud. Launching and using the program is available from all browsers on your PC, tablet or mobile device, regardless of the working platform. In addition, you can download it from the AppStore, and you do not need to pay anything for it.

The program will help:

  • determine the position on the map;
  • remotely play the signal on the gadget to make it easier to find;
  • apply a special missing mode for locking your smartphone, tracking on the map;
  • erase all information from the gadget when you are away from it.

To use the functionality of the application from your computer, you can after activating the “Find iPhone” option in the parameters of your phone or PC Mac. But first you will need to synchronize the service iCloud.

How to find iPhone?

To enable the program you need to:

  • on your iPhone with OS 5.0 or newer, go to “Settings”;
  • Select iCloud;
  • activate “Find iPhone”;
  • Enter the password and login from your Apple ID;
  • confirm that the option is activated and the geolocation service is auto-enabled;
  • click OK.
iPhone search feature
Built-in iPhone search app

For owners of iPhones with iOS 7, the app now has an activation lock feature. Thanks to it, you can immediately lock the device, which is tied to the Apple ID account, so that you can’t unlock it even by reflashing the smartphone. The function will be activated in auto mode when you configure the application.

If you enable the lock, you’ll have to enter your Apple ID credentials when:

  • turn off the Find iPhone utility on your phone;
  • Delete the iCloud profile in the gadget’s settings;
  • Erase personal information and reactivate your iOS device.

Searching for iPhone from your computer

Let’s say you lost your smartphone and you can’t find it on your own. The most important thing in this situation is to have a computer with Internet access and configured iCloud service. If you have these components, the problem can be solved quite easily:

  • on your computer, regardless of the OS, go to the service;
  • In the registration window, type in your login and security password from your Apple ID account;
Login to iCloud
  • Go to “Find iPhone”;
  • In the “My Devices” tab, specify the model of the lost gadget. On the computer monitor, a map of the area will open. It will mark where your iPhone appeared the last time you accessed the Internet.
iPhone on the map

I should note at once that it is possible to calculate the location of iPhone only when it is online. If during the search the lost gadget is in offline mode, the map will display the last accepted location. All this data will be available for twenty-four hours.

Let me tell you more about the menu that will open when you select your lost iPhone from the list, you will be provided with such functions:

  • Play sound – if you select this, the standard music is activated on your device and a notification appears that it has been found. Notably, the sound will turn on even if the smartphone is in silent mode.
  • Missing mode. This is the most important option when searching for a device. You select it and enter your phone, as well as an SMS for the person who stole or found your device. For example, you can write that you promise a reward for the phone when you return it. If you activate this mode, iPhone will be blocked, and on the lock screen you’ll see a text message with an offer to return the lost device and call the specified number. To remove such a lock, you need to enter a security code.
  • Erase iPhone (iPad). This function will help you delete all information from your gadget.

Even if your device is turned off or not connected to the network, you can still use any of these options. The action will be saved in the iCloud service and will be executed in case the device is connected to the network.

The primary and highly effective tool for finding your smartphone via the “Find iPhone” option from your computer is the map. It will indicate the exact location of the lost device. This location is determined accurately enough, but there may be a problem if your iPhone is in someone else’s hands in a multi-storey house, because it will not be possible to show the exact floor where the “Apple” device is located.

The application, which I told you about above, will allow you to get notification to your e-mail box, if the device comes online again, to do this it is necessary:

  • In the program itself in the menu “My devices” click on the name of your phone;
  • On the page that appears, check the “Notify me about a find” action.

What to do if the iPhone search function is not configured?

Despite the fact that security should always come first, not all users think about it. Many people simply don’t protect their personal data until their smartphone is in the wrong hands. If you did not activate the above option, and the device was lost or stolen, you will not be able to find it or just remotely put a lock on your computer. In this situation, you need to promptly:

  • Change the password from the account iCloud .account password, you can do this on the official website of the company;
  • Change the passwords from the accounts used, tied to the lost gadget, for example, passwords from online banking, social networks, various services and others;
  • Call the mobile operator, whose services you use, to block your SIM card.

You can also try to search your device from your computer through special resources on the Internet, which offer to check the device by its name. Usually such services have a database of lost and stolen iPhones. In addition, there is often information about found gadgets and people who have found it and want to return it. For example, you can use the site Usually such information is provided completely free of charge, so you should not use resources that help exclusively for money.

Finding an iPhone from a computer is quite easy, the most important thing is that the “Find iPhone” option is connected. Without it, the chances are greatly reduced. So take care in advance about the safety of your personal data and the security of your mobile device, otherwise the consequences will be very serious, it is not worth the risk.



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