Flash and SSD are not safe for data

More than half of users who save data with Flash technology and on Flash-based SSDs are at risk of losing information, according to a survey by Kroll Ontrack.

Flash and SSD are not safe for data

In addition, according to 75 percent of respondents, it is extremely complicated or impossible to recover data from SSDs or other Flash-based tools, such as memory cards or popular flash drives.

The survey results indicate that while 90 percent of respondents generally consider Flash/SSD technology to be safer than traditional (HDD) technology, as many as 57 percent have experienced data loss from their devices. According to Kroll Ontrack, the survey results are very much in line with the benefits experienced by Flash and SSD users. Despite the undeniable benefits such as speed, reliability and energy savings, the number of Flash/SSD data loss incidents is definitely on the rise. Over the past year, specialists have recorded a 20 percent increase in orders related to data recovery from Flash/SSD-based devices.

The survey results also reveal a definite trend toward replacing traditional solutions with Flash/SSD technology. 70 percent of private, business and government users indicated that they are already using or plan to use Flash/SSD-based devices in the near future. This corresponds with responses in which 80 percent said it is faster than other technologies, and 50 percent said it is safer, more robust and more energy-efficient.

According to an analysis by Kroll Ontrack, as many as 65 percent of Flash/SSD data loss cases are related to system errors, although physical damage to the media, corruption of system files or electronics and human error are also common factors. The company’s experts point out that although the process of recovering data from Flash/SSD technology may be more complex in selected cases, data recovery is usually – contrary to the opinions of respondents – possible.

– Recovery from Flash-based devices can be more complex, mainly due to the fact that the structure of stored data is more dispersed than in the case of hard drives. Unfortunately, the majority of media manufacturers have not yet fully developed standards for managing and organizing data on Flash and SSD storage devices, sometimes necessitating the creation of dedicated data recovery solutions that are tied to a specific device manufacturer and model,” says Pawel Odor, Chief Specialist at Kroll Ontrack in Poland.

The Kroll Ontrack global survey included 550 respondents, including private users, business and government institutions in the US.

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