Flexible smartphone from Samsung


It is possible that in 2012 there will be smartphones that can bend. This information can be obtained from the foreign blogs. This device will be produced by Samsung, which is popular with its Galaxy smartphones. The name of this device Samsung Galaxy Skin.

Parameters of the smartphone could be found out in the middle of the summer in July. The size of the phone is 221 x 67 x 8 mm. The phone will have a four-inch display Super AMOLED, which will be on both sides and with the ability to bend. The screen resolution is 800 by 480 pixels. According to the characteristics, which were known back in July, it is clear that the smartphone will be endowed with an 8-megapixel camera. The smartphone will have two types: the first – with 16 gigabytes of internal memory, the second – 32 gigabytes. Also, trusting the characteristics, the processor on the device will be with a capacity of 1 Gigahertz. The battery in the device is not weak, its capacity is 1500 mAh. The most popular mobile operating system installed on this device, Android. The system was made specifically so that it would be able to communicate with a variety of smartphone form. About the version of the operating system is still unknown.

Elongated shape has a smartphone display. At the ends of the display, there are parts of the body that do not have the ability to bend. The owner of the smartphone is able to bend the device in different positions. But the edges, as written above, no way to bend, so you can bend in a circle or in the shape of a laptop and other similar objects. Thanks to this unusual feature, the user can easily download a movie to the device (and maybe even a few, because the amount of its own memory is 16/32 gigabytes), create a comfortable pose for the smartphone to watch the movie and sit down to lie himself in a comfortable position for him. About the same way the device can be positioned at leisure for music or also to watch a movie. In addition, Samsung’s production can be used as a navigator (GPS).Parts of the Samsung Galaxy Skin smartphone are flexible. The display in the smartphone is not simple. First, it has LEDs, and secondly, it has the ability to bend together with the body and the constituent parts. Samsung showed similar developments even before this development. In addition, the display does not use glass as in other displays, and uses a polymer plate. Above this display working engineers, who hail from Korea. We should add, this display can circle a cylindrical shape, with a circumference of 5 centimeters.

Serial production of the above displays for mobile devices will begin in the second quarter of next year. According to the International Business Times, the screens will have a considerable resolution. These displays will appear around the same time as the release of the bending smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Skin. Since the display will need to be demonstrated in working mode, perhaps the display will be installed in the bending smartphone. We hope and wait!


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