Fn-button doesn’t work on Asus notebooks and other models

Fn not working on your laptop: Causes and solutions

Hello. Not everyone knows that the usual desktop keyboard is slightly different from the one located on the laptop. The latter has several specific buttons that allow you to control the functionality of the PC. In this publication, I will tell you what to do when the Fn button on the Asus laptop and other models does not work.

You can learn about where this button is located from my previous publication – here’s the link. If this key stops working, it can cause a lot of difficulties for the user. Sometimes it happens the opposite situation – Fn is always on. To learn how to deal with it here.

What does Fn do?

With this keyboard item you can:

  • Enable/disable wireless network adapters Wi-Fi, Bluetooth;
  • control the brightness and volume levels;
  • send email messages;
  • deactivate the touchpad;
  • put the notebook into sleep mode.

Where is the Fn button on the keyboard? Here’s a clear illustration:


The keyboard shortcuts may be different for each laptop model. It is better to look at the manual that comes with the device (or download it from the manufacturer’s official website).

How to enable the Fn button on a laptop?

There are several ways. I think you should start with the simplest one. Try pressing “NumLock + Fn.”. You can find the locations of these items here.


The second way requires a lot of attention as we have to go into the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) settings. It shouldn’t be too much trouble, but I recommend following all the steps in the manual:

  • Reboot the computer and at the moment of startup (right after powering on) press F2 or Esc or Del. Why so many options? It all depends on the device. Usually the desired button is displayed in the boot up message. For example, “press Del to enter Setup”. You can tell me your notebook model in the comments and I’ll give you the right solution.
  • When the blue or grey settings window appears, use the arrows to go to “SystemConfiguration” and look for “Action Keys Mode”.
  • Change the value to Enabled by pressing Enter and selecting the desired option from the list.
Action Keys Mode in BIOS
  • Now press Esc once to get to the main menu. Use arrows to select “Exit” and save all changes (Save & Exit Setup).
  • Check if your Fn device works after restarting your PC.

The keyboard driver

It may seem strange that it is necessary to install a keyboard driver for a notebook. But this also happens when you use a “pirated” copy of Windows or some “crooked repack”, which did not a very adequate person.

You will have to go to the official website of the manufacturer of your PC and there look for the right file for the input device. And we continue to look for the answer to the question: how to enable the Fn key on Asus laptop and devices of other brands.

Branded utilities

If the Fn key does not work and all the above ways do not help, you should use special programs. They are often recorded on a disc that comes with the laptop. But if this DVD is lost, you will have to download the software from the Internet.

  • For Samsung EasyDisplay Manager application is needed;
  • For Toshib_a – Hotkey Utility or FlashCards Support Utility;
  • For Sony SonySharedLibrary and/or VaioControlCenter may be needed;
  • Universal Utility. – MagicKeyboard. Works on almost all models.

Keyboard Cleanup

The Fn keys on your Asus laptop do not work – or maybe the reason is so trivial that you just need to clean the “keyboard”? In the worst case, there was mechanical damage or fluid ingress. You will have to use the services of service engineers. But before that, try to solve the problem yourself. The non-working buttons should be carefully removed (without much effort), remove the “debris” and put the element back in place.

I hope very much that my article has helped you to understand how to turn on the Fn button on the keyboard on your Asus laptop and not only. If the defect is not fixed, write me a message in the comments to this post. I’ll try to answer promptly!

Regards, Victor!

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