FredBoat Discord: commands for the music bot, how to add and use

In the popular messenger Discord, the bot FredBoat is adept at handling music tracks by connecting to Internet hosts. In addition to the music component, which the developers have emphasized, FredBoat manages to replace the administrator, to bring order to the server. The basic version is equipped with a sufficient set of commands to manage the music. And a paid subscription (only $2) allows you to form playlists on Spotify yourself.

What is this bot.

Developers create new bots with different functions almost daily. Some of them disappear without a trace, and some become popular. This bot for Discord messenger, in addition to the basic functions, perfectly masters the skill of a DJ.


FredBoat is a musical assistant, track virtuoso, hosting wizard and audio file maestro. In the art of handling content, the bot is unrivaled. Fred is the best in its class. So if you’re not just looking for a Discord bot, but a full-featured audio bot, FredBoat is worth a closer look.

Basic Features

FredBoat is a free music-oriented app with a lot of features. The main feature of the bot is the ease of customization. FredBoat can be entrusted with connecting to hosting sites with audio content. The assistant will brilliantly handle, find and download the right one.


Quick virtual DJ will run through the resources, ranging from the usual YouTube and ending with Twitch. Bot will not miss Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Vimeo, Mixer, any links to audio tracks. Works not only with saved files, but also with streams, streaming music directly.

Searching for the desired songs is easy: just type the name in the search bar. Then FredBoat will connect to your cloud storage. You don’t have to download tracks and enter direct links. The bot will deal with the files without human help, sort them and give them to users in a ready form. It is allowed to play in random order, mix, repeat a given track (the whole playlist).


FredBoat handles music equally effectively on small servers as it does on large ones. Moderation of the bot is also up to the task. Unwanted guests, trolls will be calculated and neutralized. The basic version of the bot is free. For those who want access to additional features, there is a paid subscription.

It costs a little, $2 per month. For that money, the user will become a member of a community of admirers, the sponsors of the FredBoat Hangout bot. At the same time, he will have the opportunity to form their own playlists on Spotify.


FredBoat commands for Discord

Our musical assistant obeys the set of commands set by the developer. You can check them out on the site. Or you can run through the main ones below. The entry begins with a “;;” prefix. As here:

  1. “;;play url”. A basic action designed to play a track directly from a given link.
  2. “;;play words”. Search for a track on the cloud (YouTube, Soundcloud).
  3. “;;queue”. Shows bot’s play queue.
  4. “;;nowplaying”. Allows you to see the current playing track.
  5. “Skip”. Skipping a track.
  6. “;;voteskip”. Skipping playable file by vote (must be at least 50%).
  7. “;;stop”. Stops player.
  8. “;;pause”. Pause mode.
  9. “;;resume”. Resumes playback.
  10. “;;join”. Connecting the bot to the voice channel.
  11. “;;leave”. FredBoat will be disconnected from the voice channel.
  12. “;;repeat”. Repeat playback.
  13. “shuffle. Shuffle”;; shuffle songs, random order.
  14. “;;reshuffle”. Disables shuffle.
  15. “;;fwd time”. Fast-forwards the set time.
  16. “;;rew time”. Rewinds by the set time interval.
  17. “;;seek time”. Sets the specified playback time.
  18. “;;restart”. Restarts the track.
  19. “;;volume”. Volume control.
  20. “;;help command”. Available commands.


In addition to music, the bot has other features. Otherwise it would not be so universal. They are called Non-music Commands. The Configuration section contains actions to configure the basic functions. These are, as a matter of fact, the access to the demonstration of the current state (“;;config”), the display of connected modules (“;;modules”), the selection of the menu language (“;;language”). There are also “;;prefix”, “;;admin”, “;;dj”. Their purpose is not too difficult to guess.

The “Moderation” block does not impress with an abundance of options. But in terms of profile it is a music bot, not an admin bot. In the category are commands for assigning bans to specific users (“;;hardban”, “;;softban”), removal from the server (“;;kick”). This is quite enough for moderation.

The utilities section contains additional commands (“;;[email protected]”, “;;brainfuck code”, “;;serverinfo”, “;;math”). You can even find out the weather for a given region by typing “;;weather location”. The group of actions intended for entertainment (“Fun”) is collected in the corresponding line. The list is completed with the “Information” category, which contains hints and brief instructions for the bot.


Installing on your server

To add FredBoat to the site, first go to the link: The menu is organized so that the user is sure to connect the bot to Discord. In the upper right corner are the buttons “Commands”, “FAQ”, “Add to Discord”. You can click on “Add” and go to the authorization page.


Or go a little lower, where under the block with the icon of FredBot and a small block of information there are also 2 interactive panels – “Add to Discord” and “Read the docs”. Press the first one, and you end up on the login page of the Discord account. There are a couple of steps before the bot is launched.

After successful authorization, you must specify the server to connect to. When you open the messenger FredBoat will automatically send an invitation. Confirm and go to the bot menu. After setup, it’s ready to use.


How to use

FredBoat is essentially a jukebox. Therefore, the basic set of commands is designed to play, shuffle, rewind tracks and similar actions. It is easy to understand the controls even without knowledge of English. The developer took care to provide FredBoat with a user-friendly interface.

Start play – “Play”, stop – “Stop”. At the same time, you can set the name of the song. Then the bot will find it on the hostings.


Problems and solutions

Typically, the bot integrated into the server is immediately ready to use. When entering commands, do not forget the prefix, otherwise the helper “will not understand” them. If you have problems running the bot, you should double-check the roles you have installed. Perhaps the error is hiding there.

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