Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins ANC – hit it, shush it!

Wireless in-ear headphones have become a standard. After saying goodbye to cables around your neck, it’s time to wave goodbye to unwanted sounds that interfere with your music. With Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins ANC in our ears, can we really say “goodbye” to the clatter, squeal, and din of the street?

Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins ANC is the younger sibling of last year’s Twins Tip, which inherits features such as an attractive design, more than decent battery life, and ease of use. But that’s not all. The new model adds even better sound quality and Active Noise Cancellation technology (ANC), which even goes into its name.

And no wonder, because this last element is crucial. Following the subsequent achievements of the Dutch manufacturer, I am well aware of the fact that ANC in its design, which has been implemented in in-ear headphones (e.g. Code ANC) passed the test of silence with an A. Were the proven solutions from the “large” models successfully transplanted to the small Twins ANC? The answer is yes! Active noise cancellation in “fleas” manages as much as their size and design allows.

You can’t expect a “full cut-off” effect from in-ear headphones, but the soundproofing is audible enough to make a real difference. For one thing, even to the sound of car horns and the whirr of engines at a major city intersection, you can hear the words of your favorite song or those spoken by a podcast host. No more trying to “turn up” the sound on your smartphone off the scale.

Also Twins ANC will make walking in an urban setting much more peaceful. It’s a great way to help you stay focused and – literally – not have anything heavy on your mind. It is really an invaluable aid when we need to concentrate and – literally – not have anything heavy on our minds.

At this point it is worth mentioning that ANC can, of course, be turned off, which has the effect of allowing outside sounds to reach your ears and extending the already very decent battery life. The manufacturer talks about seven hours on a single charge – this is true, which I confirmed in my tests.

Since it is known that Twins ANC are known to handle silence well, how about their sound reproduction? Surprisingly well, although with one caveat. The headphones can produce both highs and lows – and without sacrificing the “midrange”. What’s more, right out of the box you can enjoy a pleasant sound.

Pleasant doesn’t mean the best, though. Such results can be achieved only by playing with the phone settings. The manufacturer has not prepared any special application offering different “listening” modes. On the one hand, this is good, on the other hand, it requires commitment from the user who wants to squeeze out what is actually hidden in them. And I do not mean here only great power, which Twins ANC does not lack.

“Is it worth it?” is a telling question that appears in one form or another at the end of virtually every review. Before I give a sacramental answer to it, I will remind you of the very good quality of reproduced sound, amazingly effective ANC and a battery that is difficult to discharge. These are the advantages that make 430-500 PLN, because this is the price of this model, a fair amount for a Dutch proposal.

Disadvantages: there are, but none of them are dealbreakers. The most serious of these is the occasional breaking of the bluetooth connection to your phone. About the box on the Twins could have more than one LED indicating battery charge I mention this because once on the road I took my headphones with me completely drained of power. And actually, the closing of the box could be better, too. Not that I’m afraid of the contents falling out, but the lack of characteristic click deprives some satisfaction. That’s all.

So I answer “yes” to the question posed a moment ago, adding at the same time that the next generation Twins ANC can really sweep!

+ battery life
+ sound quality
+ really working ANC
+ price/performance ratio
+ convenience of use


– lack of apps
– The box could be designed differently

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