FunPay Discord: the description of the server and features of use, how to get there

FunPay is a game exchange designed to exchange, sell or buy accounts, items, gold and other content from entertainment and eSports disciplines, including “Among US”, “Dota 2”, “CS: GO” or “Fortnite”. Transactions and other transactions are conducted either through the official website or messengers. But, regardless of the site provides a guarantor and the rules for the exchange, and apply to the Discord-server FunPay.

Brief description

If we look at the exchange superficially, FunPay reminds cybersports “Avito”: the title page every day posted “cards with goods” from users who decided to say goodbye to the account from some game, share items or teach wishing to skill for money.


The cost and other information varies and depends on the specific discipline. An important part of the platform is that exchange is possible in almost any messenger, including Discord. And the developers have also added indestructible rules: violators and cheaters will be permanently blocked for life.


Server tags

The server is almost not separated by subject tags: only occasionally you can see special directories where FunPay is tagged as #change, #purchase, #accounts, #bust_dota2, #sale, #bust_csgo. No tags, related to communication, in the network do not meet – the developers have repeatedly hinted – when trying to start a conversation in Discord, it is very likely to face a global blocking of the account at the exchange without the possibility of withdrawing the accumulated funds.


How to get to the FunPay server

Since FunPay is a service server, not intended for classical communication on free topics, it is not possible to use text and voice channels at any moment. The link to the appropriate place for transactions is given by the system automatically and only if both parties (seller and buyer) have agreed on the price, found a suitable guarantor and are ready to conduct the transaction in the next half an hour.


Otherwise, there will be problems with access. Additionally, remember – all chats are blocked – you can’t type messages, add emoticons or other text. Only some links to reference materials are available, including instructions on how to make payments and publish products.

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