Garmin nüLink! 1695 web-enabled navigation

Garmin International has announced the nüLink! 1695, a portable navigation device with a 5-inch touchscreen that offers drivers access to Garmin’s nüLink! service, including links to online services.

GPS on a cellphone makes waves

The nüLink! 1695 provides the ability to search for points of interest (POIs) implemented by Google Local Search. This service allows you to view POIs with just the touch of a finger on the navigation screen, and search for destinations by name or keywords, just like on a personal computer. For many POIs, detailed search results are displayed, including location description, business address, phone number and popularity ranking. Users also gain access to the so-called “Points of Interest”. “white pages” – the phone book of the nüLink! service, where you can search for a person’s address by name or phone number.

Real-time flight status updates reduce the stress of traveling to the airport by providing current arrival and departure times for major airlines. In addition, Garmin nüLink! provides the latest traffic information to help drivers avoid traffic jams and other road obstructions.

In addition to standard services, the nüLink! 1695 provides access to the nüLink! Store, where customers can purchase additional optional services such as access to detailed weather information from Nexrad weather radar, and severe weather alerts, as well as enhanced speed camera warnings.

The nüLink! The 1695 offers efficient routing and realistic arrival times with the trafficTrends feature, which recommends routes based on historical data and traffic trends the company. To make your daily commute even easier, the nüLink! 1695 remembers favorite destinations and uses the myTrends feature to predict a destination without activating a route, displaying the arrival time and best route based on relevant traffic information.

The nüLink! 1695 comes standard with ecoRoute, an innovative app that helps customers save money and fuel by showing routes optimized for less fuel consumption. When a user selects the “less fuel” option, the 1695 determines a route based on fuel consumption data, estimated driving speed and vehicle acceleration information. Drivers can improve eco-driving habits by viewing fuel consumption and mileage reports generated by ecoRoute. Using fuel prices provided by the nüLink! service, users can not only optimize routes, but also select fueling locations to minimize the cost of using the car.

The nüLink! 1695 is also equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing them to make and receive calls directly from the device. It can be paired with more than 200 Bluetooth-enabled phones, and the driver can search and dial numbers from the phone’s phonebook, the phone’s call history, or from a POI database pre-installed in the nüLink! 1695.

The availability of nüLink! depends on the area in which you are navigating.

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