Google with intel to create a new version of Android

Intel is known to everyone for its good quality laptops. In the laptop market, it is considered as one of the best companies creating laptops. Until now, intel has spent all the power only to show its best side in the market of cell phones. The company’s wasted energy has come to nothing. Intel has been very fortunate as the global internet search engine Google offers a joint partnership. Google offers the company, which creates good laptops, to take on the creation of a new version of the operating system Android together because the choice of allies was very small. As Google is the owner of the Android operating system, it needs to develop the system, and the company alone is not able to undertake the creation of a new version, and as a result it needs to look for an ally. In addition, the new version of the operating system will run on intel processors. The new version of the operating system will run on Intel processors. Intel representatives say that they have already done business with the company and when they do something together, they get very good results in the end. Google will be able to create a good system thanks to the experience of intel. And intel will have a good opportunity to create its long-awaited project. Intel has long wanted to release some smartphone, producing its technology.Again, these companies have already collaborated with each other, they were united by the computer platform.At the intel conference, the head of mobile development from Google, Andy Rubin, said something like this: “This cooperation can safely be called one of the most successful. There, at a conference three days ago Tuesday, representatives from Google announced that they were starting a new business with Intel.When it was Otellinia’s turn to speak, he told, or rather promoted, the Ultrabook, which has a processor and features production from Intel. The Ultrabook is a laptop, this computer is promised to be one of the thinnest.Charge this laptop rarely, as the battery lasts very long. A computer with full batteries can run all day without plugging in a charger. The laptop has a similarity to the MacBookAir, which was produced by the American company Apple.

At the same conference, the same person started talking about the new processor. Otellinirass told about the processor, which will be released in 2013. The devices, which will have this processor under the casing, will be able to support Internet connection. The maximum time that the processor can keep connected is 10 hours. The name of this miracle was given to Haswell .. He also added that Windows 8 tablets will have a “super” processor from intel. Haswell will run in Ultrabooks.

In addition, Otellin also added that today’s computer machines can be called just computers, which is very good development Haswell, due to the reduction of energy consumption, several times increases the running time of the device. This development in the near future will work on phones. The company intel has taken up the production of even smaller handy chips. The company calls this development 3-D transistors. Such an unusual name they got due to the fact that the small parts of the development are built in a unique way.

“Master” of the laptop market and the owner of the Android operating system do not mention that their smartphones will work with this development. Tablets, as well as almost all smartphones today work with the chip ARM. This chip is popular because it is one of the most efficient.

Google will release a new version of the operating system Android, which can be easily installed on smartphones and tablets. It will be called “by dessert”- Ice-Cream Sandwich..

The new version of the operating system will be demonstrated in the next fall month, in October. Google has stressed that if the version of the system will not be released in October, wait for it in November. There’s not much left to wait for the new version.


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