gsrld.dll download for Max Payne 3, L.A.Noire, if file is missing

Max Payne 3, L.A.Noire doesn't start - fix gsrld.dll error

In this review you can download dynamic library gsrld.dll for Max Payne 3, L.A.Noire if during the launch of the game you suddenly get an error indicating a missing file. Let’s look at the causes and possible solutions to help fix the problem.

gsrld for games

Missing gsrld.dll – what to do?

If you are prompted with such a message, it means that a DLL required for launching the game is not found in the game folder or in the system directories. Often the cause of this phenomenon can be a virus infection, when the desired element is subjected to malicious influence and blocked by antivirus.

There are not many methods of dealing with the malfunction. The easiest, but time-consuming one is to reinstall the game application. The second method will take a few minutes to implement, but there is a risk of infecting your PC with virus objects – you need to download gsrld.dll from the Internet and place it in a certain directory on your computer. This will be discussed below.

Max Payne 3 removal/installation

If Max Payne 3 does not start because of the specified error, most likely – you are using a pirated version of the game, downloaded from torrent-trackers. The so-called “rappaks” often have similar flaws, when missing a particular DLL. I have already told about such cases many times. And if the file is present, it is modified. And this may not like the anti-virus program present on your PC. As a result – the object will be blocked, quarantined.

Max Payne 3

First of all, try to delete the game and reinstall it by downloading from another source. Ideally, install a licensed application purchased from the developers’ website.

Also, I recommend deactivating the security software for a while during the reinstallation process, deactivate Windows 10 Smart Screen.. And even better – put the problem files in the allowed list (white list) of antivirus. This way you will eliminate the risk of another blocked dll-component.

Virus activity

A file downloaded from the network can often contain malicious code. Therefore, antivirus software can delete it. As a result, launching the game L.A.Noire will become impossible.

Virus on your smartphone

The way out is as follows:

  • Conduct a thorough Windows system scan with the utility DrWeb Cure It utility;
  • Restart your PC;
  • Download the file from a reliable source (the link will be in the next section of the review);
  • Pre-check it with the online scanner Virus Total for full safety;
  • Copy it to the desired folder and enjoy your life!

Where gsrld.dll download for Max Payne 3 without a virus?

I would like to believe that the above methods turned out to work. If all else fails, you will have to download the file separately. So that you don’t have to search for it yourself and run into potential danger, I suggest you download it from the verified link:



It will download the Zip file, unzip it and copy the file inside.

Where do I put it? It depends on the Bit-type Your Windows (you can find it in the system properties – do it by pressing Win + Pause/Break):

System properties window
  • If 32-bit, then paste it into the folder:

Windows | System32

System32 directory
  • For 64 bit Windows put it into the same directory plus one more:
System Catalog64
  • Additionally put gsrld.dll into Max Payne 3 or L.A.Noire game folder – where application executable file is located.

If the error persists, try registering the library by pressing Win+R and typing the following command into the input line:

regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\System32\gsrld.dll

or (for 64 bit bit):

regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\SysWOW64\gsrld.dll

All you have to do now is to reboot your computer and run the program that opened with an error earlier.

Now you know how to download gsrld.dll for free for Max Payne 3, where to throw it and how to register the library to your system.

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