Guy’s Test: Crivit Pro – professional running apparel from Lidl

Lidl is growing into a strong competitor in the running apparel industry. The latest Crivit Pro collection, designed to rival the professional products of the competition, has just appeared in stores.

It is no longer just the cheapest equipment for amateurs that appears on the shelves of this well-known discount store. Lidl has decided to meet the requirements of more demanding athletes. The Crivit Pro series is intended as a professional and budget collection. We had the opportunity to take a closer look at it.

Our editorial team received a test package of shoes, a functional T-shirt and shorts – in fact, every runner’s basic kit. In Lidl, you will spend less than 200 PLN on it, because the shoes cost 99 PLN, and the shirt and shorts – 49 PLN each.

The shoes, although they smell of artificial materials, look quite decent and encouraging. They have a mesh front, reflective elements on the heel and instep, strong laces and a good quality removable insole.

The heel counter is made of soft material, as well as the inner part of the shoe’s tongue. Very interesting is the sole, on which there are a total of five colors, and each of them is responsible for some special system or function (Flex Support, Grip Motion, Traction Control, Dual Dens, Blown Rubber).

The manufacturer claims that the sole harnesses the force of landing and returns energy to the runner. Did I get that impression while running? Not really. But in the Crivit Pro XP2 Racer, it just runs well. It is comfortable and soft. What is important – the sizing is right. It is neither oversized nor undersized.

Stylistically, the shoe looks pretty good. It does not differ in design from other shoes found on running trails. The color scheme of the test model also appealed to me. The manufacturer has taken care of careful workmanship and details. Such as, for example, reflective tape, which was provided by 3M – a tycoon in its industry.

The shorts are the item of clothing I was most worried about after the last few tests. Having bad experiences with too tight underpants, which probably only Kenyan runners could squeeze into, I suspected that it would be hard this time as well. Nothing of the sort – the provided size L shorts fit like a glove and provided comfort during the field running tests.

T-shirt, whose fabric is supposed to reflect sunlight and provide soothing coolness also worked well in terms of sizing. I couldn’t check if it really cools, because the Crivit Pro tests took place on cold April days. However, what is worth emphasizing is its low weight, flat seams to prevent chafing and breathable “window” on the back.

Both the shorts and the T-shirt have reflective inserts and are versatile enough to be used by bicycle, at the gym or for any other physical activity.

In conclusion, I must say that the new offer from Lidl is very interesting and worth considering. Running shoes for less than 100 PLN? The competition does not have that. Also, the shirt and shorts can not be accused of much. Certainly it is not professional clothing, because the Crivit Pro series is still a bit short of that level, but the intermediate sportsmen will be satisfied with it.

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