Handheld vacuum cleaner Dreame P10 and P10 Pro: characteristics and model comparison, price

Two handheld vacuum cleaners from the Chinese brand Dreame – P10 and P10 Pro – refer to the wireless type, working on a battery, are designed only for dry cleaning. However, these models differ in suction power, battery life, design features and other characteristics. The P10 Pro is more powerful but costs $30 to $50 more than the P10. The approximate price is $200.


Case design and equipment.

Externally, the two handheld vacuum cleaners (P10 and P10 Pro) from Chinese brand Dreame are similar. Both models resemble a mop with a long handle (tube). They work without wires, each on its own battery pack. At the bottom of the extension tube there is a roller brush with a soft roller (or other nozzle), and at the top – the body itself (removable dust canister in the form of a 0.5-liter transparent tank, filtration system, motor, screen, handle-holder with a pen case and 7 rechargeable batteries).


Both handheld models (P10 and P10 Pro) have a round color LED display. It is located on top of the motor. The screen shows information about the manual vacuum cleaner operation (selected mode, remaining battery charge, possible errors). On the display itself (at the top) there is an auto-lock button and at the bottom there is an on/off button. Batteries (7 pieces) are located in a special pencil case, which is attached to the handheld holder. The vacuum cleaner is charged from the mains.

Comparison of design and equipment of P10 and P10 Pro:

  1. P10:
  • color – white body / brush roll, tube, some parts – blue/gray shade;
  • weight – 1.63 kg;
  • Factory set – body (dust canister + filter + motor + handle + pencil case with 7 batteries) + extension tube + wall mounting bracket + holder for the tube + 2 nozzles (roller (soft) brush + nozzle for slots) + instruction book + charger.
  1. P10 Pro:
  • color – white body / brush roller, tube, a few parts – gold/bronze shade;
  • weight – 1.63 kg;
  • The factory equipment – body (dust canister + filters + motor + handle + pencil case with 7 batteries) + wall mount + extension tube + holder on the tube + 3 nozzles (roller brush for floor + nozzle for slots + electric mini-brush for bed) + instructions + charging.


Technical Data

Comparative table of technical characteristics of manual vacuum cleaners – P10 and P10 Pro – from brand Dreame:


Filtration and cleaning quality

Both models (P10 and P10 Pro) by Dreame are designed for dry cleaning (wooden floor, tiles, carpeting). Handheld cordless vacuum cleaners operate quietly (noise level less than 75 dB), without strong vibrations, and during operation they suck up fine dirt and dust together with the air. Each of the models is equipped with a multilevel filtration system. The air that comes out is purified to 99.89%. Thanks to the Smart Cooling system, the motor and all of the batteries in each handheld vacuum are not heated during operation.

To activate the model, you need to press the power button. After that, it is recommended to select the operating mode. The main thing to remember is that when activating the Turbo mode, the vacuum cleaner will work without recharging for no more than 15 minutes. The weaker the power, the longer the battery life. The selected mode can be locked with the auto-lock button. It is desirable to make 2-3 passes during cleaning.


All dirt from the floor or carpet goes into the dust canister. This part of the vacuum cleaner is a transparent tank with a capacity of 500 ml. It is located right under the motor. It can be easily removed and disassembled. Inside the dust container are filters. After cleaning it is recommended to clean the dust collector from dirt (to clean it, it is necessary to press the button on the body of the dust collector). It is forbidden to wash the motor. But you can unscrew the filters and rinse them in cold water.

The room is cleaned by a brush. It is attached to the extension tube. There is a motor inside the brush. Dirt is scrubbed off with a rotating roller made of soft synthetic. It is recommended to clean the brush after each cleaning. It is better not to wet the roller head itself. It is advisable to disconnect the rotating brush roll and wash it in cool water.


The long extension tube allows you to clean the house, for example, standing up without bending over. If desired, you can connect the nozzle to the body, bypassing the handle. Transforms the vacuum cleaner into a hand-held mini-model used for cleaning upholstered furniture and bedding. A wall mount is included in the factory set. This part is designed to hold the tube of the vacuum cleaner in an upright position (at rest).

Cleaning performance depends on the models specifications, as well as the level of contamination of the room. The P10 Pro handheld cordless vacuum cleaner is more powerful. Both models are used for dry house cleaning. Handheld vacuum cleaners clean the room of dust, earth, small objects, beads, tablets, pet hair, hair. Household appliances of this type do not perform wet cleaning, does not wash dried and stuck dirt.


A comparison of the performance features of Dreame handheld cordless vacuum cleaners:

  1. P10:
  • Suction power – 100 aW / 20 kPa (sucks up dirt and dust);
  • Rotating speed – 100 000 rpm. (cleans up dirt quickly);
  • Used for cleaning floors, carpet and crevices (2 nozzles).
  1. P10 Pro:
  • Suction power – 130 aW / 22 kPa (well sucks up dirt, dust from floor, carpet, crevices);
  • 120 000 rpm rotation speed. (Removes even heavy particles at lightning speed);
  • sucks dirt from the floor or carpeting, dust from the cracks, cleans the bed from mites (3 nozzles).


Differences between the two vacuum cleaners

Table of differences between handheld vacuum cleaners P10 and P10 Pro from Dreame:


Pros and cons.

The advantages of each Dreame handheld vacuum cleaner:

  • Autonomy (runs wirelessly on a charged battery);
  • After charging, battery life is 50-60 minutes;
  • soft roll mop while rotating does not scratch the floor;
  • there is a screen that displays information about the work;
  • charging level is shown on the display;
  • lightweight (1.63 kg);
  • handy (can be held in one hand).

Disadvantages of wireless vacuum cleaners Dreame:

  • relatively high price (about $200);
  • take a long time to charge (more than 2 hours);
  • quickly discharged (charging lasts less than an hour);
  • do not wash the floor (only used for dry cleaning);
  • Do not suck up large and heavy objects (only dust and small dirt).


Comparison with competitors

The most popular is considered a household appliance of the Chinese company Xiaomi. Hand-held vacuum cleaners of this manufacturer are characterized by reliability, good build quality and reasonable price. Xiaomi has several brands (Dreame, Mi, JIMMY, Roidmi and others). Each branch produces high quality appliances.

In addition to models P10 and P10 Pro Chinese brand Dreame also manufactures other versions of handheld vacuum cleaners. For example, V11 and T30. Another Chinese brand – Mi – also produces handheld vacuum cleaners (for example, Vacuum Cleaner G9). Subbrand JIMMY has a good model JV51. The brand Roidmi has a handheld vacuum cleaner F8. Of course, the Xiaomi family has a huge range of products, but we will compare only the above models. All of these handheld vacuum cleaners are designed for dry cleaning and can work independently, that is, from the battery pack.


In appearance

Externally, all Xiaomi hand vacuum cleaners are the same. Each model looks like a mop with a long handle. At the bottom there is a floor brush or other nozzle, in the middle – a tube-extender, at the top – a dust canister with a filter, a motor, a battery, a handle-holder. All vacuum cleaners are made in white color. The only differences are the shade of extension tube, brush roll and some details.


Table of costs for different Xiaomi models (relevant for 2021):


Feature Comparison Table

Comparison of technical characteristics of handheld vacuum cleaners Xiaomi (table):


Where to buy and price

From November 11 to 13 Dreame P10 и Dreame P10 Pro you can buy at Aliexpress site with a discount of 1250 rubles by promo code – OWHP1250.

As well as gifts with the purchase:

  1. When you buy a Dreame P10 Pro, get a free wall rack when you pay in full (280 total)
  2. Get a free Oclean X Pro toothbrush for the first 50 orders (50 total)
  3. 2-year local warranty and 7-day money back or refund

Dreame P10 and P10 Pro handheld vacuum cleaner specifications and comparison Handheld vacuum cleaner specifications and comparison Dreame models P10 and P10 Pro Characteristics and comparison of Dreame P10 and P10 Pro handheld vacuum cleaners

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