He wanted to be huge. He almost lost his arms because of synthol

Although knowledge about the harmfulness of synthol seems to be widespread, there is still people in the world who believe in its salutary effect. Romario dos Santos Alves is a man whose sick mania for injecting himself with death oil almost led to permanent disability. It wasn’t until the threat of having his arms amputated that the 25-year-old came to his senses.

It started innocently enough, as in many similar cases. Romario, 22 at the time, was a young, athletic guy quietly dreaming of a career as a bodybuilder. When he moved to a new city, his first steps were to the local gym.

“I met some really big guys there with huge arms and biceps. We became fast friends and they were the ones who told me about synthol. I was so excited about the results it was giving that I lost control,” – recalls the Brazilian in an interview with a Barcroft TV reporter.

Soon, injecting synthol became as important to him as training. Romario’s muscles became big and swollen. At one point, the boy was unable to stick the needle into the rock-hard substance that filled his body. Undaunted by this, he procured special needles used by veterinarians to give injections. to bulls.

“There were no stronger needles available on the market. I know it’s silly, but I had to give myself an injection. I wanted to be like the Hulk. Huge and invincible,” – He recounts.

Possessed with a mania for the size of his own muscles, he lied not only to himself but also to his wife. He asked her to give him injections in places he couldn’t reach himself. He explained that it was completely harmless, because the substance would be excreted from the body after some time.

“At first I did it and kept his side because I decided that I would support my husband in everything he does,” – explains Marisangela Marinho helplessly.

For a while, everything was like a beautiful fairy tale. Romario dos Santos Alves became a recognizable figure on the streets of his city. People actually called him “Hulk”, asked for autographs and joint photos. He did not refuse. After all, he always dreamed of breaking out of the world of small and weak people. To be an admired bodybuilder.

However, the idyll did not last long. Marisangela realized that Romario was lying to her and made her choose. “Either synthol or me.” His marriage came into question, but that was just the beginning of the problems.

Romario fell into depression and attempted suicide. Soon after, he lost his job. His health was getting worse and worse. His gigantic, 63-centimeter biceps were hard as stone, and the pain was searing through the entire body of the oil-inflated home-grown bodybuilder. He ended up in the hospital and left home with a lonely wife who was six months pregnant.

“That’s when I decided to fix my own life. I didn’t want to take this stuff anymore, I swore to myself I would never do it. We were going through hard times, we were almost starving at the time,” – Romario recounts.

Just stopping the use of synthol was not enough, as the drug continued to fill his muscles. The doctors’ subsequent diagnoses did not fill him with optimism, and finally, after one more visit to the clinic, Romario heard the verdict: “There is no more salvation. We have to amputate both arms”.

His world collapsed, but the heavens gave him one last chance. There was a doctor who said that the hardened synthol could be removed from his muscles without having to amputate his upper arms.

The operation was successful, his life is no longer in danger, although Romario still looks quite a caricature. For two years he has not taken anything, although sometimes he is tempted by banned substances.

“Recently I bought horse growth hormone – estigor. I stuck a needle in my chest, but I couldn’t find a vein. I became numb and started sweating. Scenes from the past flashed before my eyes and I realized that I could not go down the same path again,” he says.

Paradoxically, however, he still believes that one day he will be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a famous bodybuilder.

“I believe that I will achieve it, but I still have a long way to go”. – asserts Romario dos Santos Alves ferociously, but also somewhat naively.

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