Hercules touched the hearts of Poles. Thank you for your help!

After the broadcast of Interia’s report “A hard life made. Hercules 17 years later”. – a fundraising campaign for its protagonist, Krzysztof Sawczuk, was launched. And although it still has 28 days to go, we can already talk about a huge success.

A few days ago, the Interia portal broadcast a report authored by Łukasz Piątek about the further fate of Krzysztof Sawczuk from Bytom. In 2004 and 2006. Krzysztof was the subject of two documentary films directed by Lidia Duda. Krzysztof, then 12 years old, supports his unemployed parents by selling scrap metal and coal from waste dumps. Despite progressive eye disease and cerebral palsy, Hercules, as his father called him, became the main breadwinner for the family. Seventeen years after Lidia Duda made her first film, Hercules. “Hercules”, an Interia journalist found Krzysztof Sawchuk to show what his current life is like.

Just a few minutes after Interia’s report was aired, the author’s mailbox began to fill up with messages from moved viewers, and comments on the site began to increase exponentially. Almost everyone wanted to help Hercules in some way. And we didn’t have to wait long for that help. Just a few hours later, one of the Internet users set up a collection for Krzysztof Sawchuk. Hercules touched the hearts of Poles.

– I am simply shocked. I didn’t expect that the fundraising for Krzysiek would grow to such an extent and in such a fast pace. Not even two days passed since we started it, and at this moment – Sunday morning – we already have 20 000 PLN which we planned to collect. What’s more, the collection still lasts 28 days, so you can still participate until it ends,” says Damian Grzanka, the founder of the collection for Krzysztof Sawczuk, in an interview with Interia.

In the upcoming week, Damian is planning the first meeting with Krzysztof and his relatives to outline a plan of action. The priority is to improve his living conditions, i.e. renovate his one-room apartment, which is in a deplorable condition. The refrigerator and bed also need to be replaced. Another goal is to improve Hercules’ health.

– We want to consult a specialist about his leg. We are planning to buy a rehabilitation package for Krzysiek. Of course everything will be done transparently. We have to think about how we will keep the donors informed about further investments and how to present the costs. Anyway – every expense will be documented and available on the Internet – adds the fundraising organizer.

– The main goal of all the fuss around Krzysiek is to activate him for an independent and, above all, better life. We will use the collected funds in the best possible way, but the point is to give Krzysiek a fishing rod, not a fish” – says Damian Grzanka. – Hence my appeal: maybe there will be someone who will give Krzysiek a job, because as far as I know, nobody wanted to take him on, even as a watchman. I want to thank very much all the donors who are not indifferent to Krzysiek’s fate. I know from the author of this report that there were many offers of selfless help, not only financial. I also thank Interia, which informed people that such a collection exists.


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