Holes in the plot of famous movies

Even if the whole team did their best, unfortunately we are only human and sometimes it happens that nobody notices that an actor does not do exactly what he should. And sometimes it is the scriptwriter who makes a mistake already at the level of writing. That’s where the plot holes come from, and here are the most colorful cases.

1. extra time machine

In the third installment of Back to the Future, the DeLorean that Marty arrives in the western world of 1885 unfortunately runs out of all fuel, hence the whole plan to propel it with the help of a train. Doc Brown seems to have forgotten that he hid a second DeLorean with a full tank in the mine.

2. Ocean’s 11 and Money

In Ocean’s 11, the robbers swap the money in the vault for flyers, but when you think about what Ocean’s crew did in turn, there’s simply no room (or time) for this activity – Yen gets to the vault inside a small cart, and Linus and Ocean descend there on ropes through a laser-protected elevator shaft. Even director Steven Sodenbergh admitted to this plot hole, but it doesn’t change the fact that the film is still very enjoyable to watch.

3. ocean’s 11 and fruit/shrimp

There was also another mistake in the same movie – in one of the scenes, Rusty (played by Brad Pitt) is holding a glass with a shrimp cocktail, and when the camera shows it from a slightly different angle – he has a plate with fruit in his hands. This mistake probably came from the fact that two different parts of the same scene were shot on different days (or even weeks).

4 The Matrix – Cypher

In the first, by far the best part of the Matrix trilogy, Cypher, betraying Morpheus and the rest of humanity, gets into the Matrix alone for a while. To do so, however, he would need the help of an operator – another human. So was there a second traitor in the Nebuchadnezzar’s crew all along?

5. Air Force One

At the very beginning of the film the terrorists infiltrate a guarded building, and as the action takes place at night they are dressed and painted black. The only thing they forgot is that they have white parachutes.

6: Whiplash reads minds?

Whiplash, played by Mickey Rourke, in the second installment of Iron Man makes his way to the race track in Monaco and stands on the race course to kill Tony Stark. But how could he know where to find him when Stark himself takes a seat in one of the race cars only moments earlier under the influence of the moment?

7. Indiana Jones saved Hitler

In Seekers of the Lost Ark, if you think about it, Indiana Jones saves Hitler’s life. If our favorite archaeologist hadn’t meddled in the Nazis’ plan the Ark probably would have been delivered in front of the Führer and he would have had a spectacular meltdown. On the other hand, without Indy’s help Beloq would never have been able to dig up the Ark.

The 8th Illegal Karate Kid

The Karate Kid – a movie that shows that cheating is bad, and that true fighting spirit can overcome any obstacle. But is it for sure? In this formula, which is shown in the film, kicks to the face are not allowed – which is repeated many times during the film. And how does the main character defeat his main opponent Jonny? By kicking him in the face, of course.

9: Poppy-compatible aliens

In the movie Independence Day, we manage to defeat the aliens thanks to a computer virus that is fired up on a Mac. The aliens seem to be compatible with the system on Apple’s computer.

ET – as he proves during the famous bike scene – has no problem detaching more than just himself from the ground. So why didn’t he just levitate his ship at the beginning of the film?

11. indestructible pants

In X-Men: The Last Stand, Phoenix Jean Gray destroys everything around her, and her power even rips the flesh from Wolverine’s indestructible, adamantium-made skeleton. We don’t know what his pants are made of, but we also suspect some kind of super-secret material.

In the movie Armageddon, when faced with a massive asteroid approaching Earth, NASA decides to create a team of astronauts from oil workers working on an oil rig. Wouldn’t it be easier to train real astronauts with drilling experience? The same question was reportedly asked to Michael Bay by Ben Affleck, who plays one of the main roles, to which Bay replied: shut the f*ck up.

13: The Butterfly Effect

In the movie The Butterfly Effect, Ashton Kutcher is sent to prison, and when his cellmate refuses to believe in his ability to travel through time, Kutcher travels back in time and harms himself – and then they watch the appearance of a new scar together with disbelief. This is completely inconsistent with what the film has presented to us before (and what it even tells us in the title) – this scar should have been there for years, and perhaps it would have greatly affected the subsequent course of events.

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