How do I sign in to Odnoklassniki – My Page?

How to enter Odnoklassniki - My Page?

Hello. Odnoklassniki is one of the most popular web-site for socializing and making new friends, but quite often a user can’t enter Odnoklassniki My Page. What does this have to do and what do I do? Now we’ll figure it all out and talk about this resource in more detail.

Sign in to Odnoklassniki


Standard login and profile

In the service OK you can easily and quickly find your friends, after registration the system will automatically find potential acquaintances, so it is better to specify your real data. On the main page you can create a new account, for this you need to go to the registration tab and enter the information in the form fields. To log in to an existing profile, you should use a special section and fill in the information to access the page.

On the right side of the main page, you will see a field where you fill in the phone number, e-mail address, which was written during registration or login. Then, in the bottom line, enter the password and click “Login”.

Sign in to Odnoklassniki

Please note – as of recently there is an opportunity to enter the site with your Google account.

If you are signed in Odnoklassniki not from your computer, you should sign in only after you uncheck the button “Remember me”. This should be done for your own safety and to protect your personal data. The owner of the computer can easily go to the page under your name, and then completely change the code.

Personal page

If you enter for the first time, not all sections of the menu can be clear, so let’s look at them separately, so you can quickly understand. At the very top is located:

  • Main Menu. It is in this tab that the personal account is located, usually referred to as the user profile. The main part is occupied by the activity feed. Here you can see the changes on your friends’ pages. You can scroll through it with the mouse wheel or the up and down arrow and see your friends’ photos and posts.
  • Private messages – All your correspondence is displayed here. You can read your friends’ inbox or outbox by clicking on a certain section.
  • Discussions – Information actively discussed by friends, it can be a birthday or other event.
  • Alerts – is information about invitations to friends, notifications from virtual games and other applications available online.
  • Guests – You can see at a glance who’s visited the page during the month. After 30 days, this data will be automatically deleted.
  • Ratings – all ratings of your photos, videos, music content from different users.
  • Music – saved music tracks. It is not possible to download them, but you can buy some files if you want, the price of one song is about 20-25 OK.
Main controls of OK
  • Friends – is a list of those with whom you are friends in this social network.
  • Photos – A tab for photo albums and individual frames. Easily edit them as needed, add new ones, delete them.
  • В “Groups” are your communities, for example, former school, university, etc.
  • Games – you can select online games according to your interests.
  • Notes – stores old statuses and other notes from the page. When you delete a status is sent to this section, and already from there you can delete completely.
  • Videos – A huge number of videos that are stored in the social network. Subjects can be different.
  • Gifts – All that you have received from friends and other users.
  • Forum – Mini-chat where you can communicate with several users at once, you can write whatever you want.
  • Help – ask any question that interests you about the work and capabilities of the social network. It can be useful not only for the beginner, but also for the experienced user.
  • Russian keyboard – Created for those who do not have a Russian keyboard. It will be useful for foreigners. Convenient option that allows you to change the language of the text with one click.

Restore access to the social network

For many owners of profiles on this resource it is quite a difficult task. For owners of active OC profiles, there are major factors contributing to the blocking of an account or the loss of registration data. Different things can happen:

  • The page was hacked;
  • You personally deleted your profile. (This decision should be taken judiciously);
  • Your account has been blocked by the resource administration.
Message about inability to restore OK profile

There are also several ways to restore there are several, depending on the case. If your page has been hacked or stolen, don’t get hysterical right away. You can write to support to ask for new information or get the parameters for recovery on your cell phone. This will be enough to log in to your account, once you have received a temporary code, you should change it. It is best to change the username and password at once.

Another tip – be careful. There are a huge number of fraudsters now, so you should not send SMS to unknown numbers. If you have even a little suspicion – verify the data in the administration of the server.

You can try to restore the profile by your own forces. To do it click the link “Forgot password” on the main page of Odnoklassniki site (where the login form is).

To send a request for recovery, enter your email account in a special field, and then enter the code from the picture. To the prescribed address will come a letter from the administration of the social network, tear off and follow the instructions, enter the prescribed code combination. Then come up with a new code, it is better to use symbols, numbers and letters for it.

Hacked page is not so difficult to restore, so it is worth considering the case when the profile was deleted. The page is sometimes blocked by the administration of the resource Odnoklassniki. There are several reasons for this:

  • violation of the rules;
  • spam;
  • forbidden photos and so on.

The main option is to contact the management of Odnoklassniki with a question about the reason for blocking. In the message specify the subject of the appeal, time, date and page address. You can read the information about potential problems with the site.

And the last problem – self profile deletion. It is worth noting right away that regardless of whether you deleted your account by accident or on purpose, it cannot be restored. If you decide not to stop and still try to resuscitate the profile – go to the management. There is almost no chance, you usually get a notification of the impossibility of recovery, but you can try. In this case there is only one option – a new registration.

How to get into Odnoklassniki, if it is in the list of banned

If you have made an attempt to enter the start page in OK, but nothing has appeared, it means that the site was added by the administrator of the PC (or Internet provider) to the list of banned. If you have failed to log in the traditional way, you can try using anonymizer. This is a kind of mirror of the resource, thanks to which you get to the social network unnoticed, bypassing the bans browser bans. There are plenty of solutions! If something specific interests – ask me in the comments, or Google to help.

Searching for an anonymizer

Can’t remember the data to log in to Odnoklassniki?

Everyone knows that without a password and login it is impossible to enter Odnoklassniki. If you can’t remember your password, you can restore it in a few steps:

  • go to the home page;
  • Click on the link “Forgot your password” (located on the login form);
  • A window will open with options and you will be prompted to select the information you remember:
Ways to recover your OK password
  • In the window that pops up, enter your login, phone number or email address – the system automatically detects if there is a page with such information;
  • After you have entered your email, within a couple of minutes you will receive an email with the recovery code;
  • enter it in a special field and click ok.

This way you can log in to your account without a password. The system will prompt you to create a new one. If the email or message with the code does not come for more than 5 minutes, you should check your spam folder or contact the resource feedback for help.

If your profile has already been hacked, you should:

  • Create a strong password and change it immediately;
  • Contact the support service if data was sent on your behalf;
  • Remove from your PC different extensions for Odnoklassniki. They might have been infected by a virus that helped to hack your account.

Hopefully, now you will be able to log into Odnoklassniki My Page, even if you forgot something or were blocked. And you have a profile on this social network? Leave your comments.

Regards, Victor!

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