How does an ozonator work and why should you use it?

The awareness of the threat of viruses as well as bacteria is currently growing at a very fast pace. This situation makes ozone or other forms of disinfection of a space very popular, especially since an ozonator can now be easily purchased in a variant that is tailored to very different needs. Disinfecting with ozone alone, however, offers many more possibilities. In any case, however, it is one of the best forms of disinfection available, which is currently already used in industrial, commercial and public facilities as well as in private homes.

How does an ozonator work and why should you use it?

Where are ozonators used?

Ozonator is a popular choice for both individuals and companies for disinfection of indoor air, water and food. Because of their great effectiveness, ozone generators have become very popular and widespread. They are used in places such as:

  • schools and kindergartens,
  • offices,
  • factories and other industrial facilities,
  • commercial premises,
  • apartments and houses,
  • water installations,
  • swimming pools and water tanks.

The ozone generator can be successfully used not only to disinfect spaces, but also liquids. This is due to the fact that ozone dissolves well in water, so it can be successfully used to disinfect domestic water, and even for drinking purposes. It is important that the water temperature is quite low – below 20 degrees. Ozonizing water at a higher temperature does not serve any purpose – the higher the temperature, the faster the ozone decomposes. Thanks to ozonizing rooms you can very effectively get rid of all kinds of viruses, bacteria, as well as mold and fungi spores.

What is ozone?

Ozone itself is one of the varieties of oxygen. This is a very important statement because it points out that this is not some synthetic chemical compound that becomes toxic to the environment when used. The ozone used in ozonation is tri oxygen, which is a variety of oxygen with three atoms. In comparison, the oxygen that everyone associates has two atoms. This is what makes the big difference. Ozone, due to its structure, is very unstable and when introduced into the air is quickly converted to normal oxygen. Before this happens, however, it has a strong toxic effect that kills microorganisms. It is also harmful to humans, but ozonization is carried out in such a way that a person does not have direct contact with ozone. Ozone has a toxicity level up to several dozen times higher than for example chlorine, which shows how effective it is as a disinfectant.

Ozonator – principle of operation

The principle of the ozonator itself is quite complicated, although the schematic can be easily understood. Ozone is produced by using ordinary oxygen from the air and electrical discharges. This is similar to the phenomenon you see during a thunderstorm when lightning strikes. Then there is a specific smell in the air – this is ozone. In such a quantity, of course, it is not yet toxic. The ozone generator is designed to carry out this process in a controlled and also continuous way. In practice, standard ozone generators generate a few to several dozen grams of ozone per hour, which is then distributed throughout the disinfected rooms. This can be done with additional fans – narrow and long rooms. However, it is usually not necessary to use additional equipment. The important thing to remember is that ozone is heavier than air, so it will always tend to sink.

Is all ozone equipment safe?

Unfortunately, no. Commonly sold ozonators can unfortunately do more harm than good – creating large amounts of nitrogen polyoxides that are harmful to people and room equipment. They are also dangerous. Unfavorable conditions – increased humidity and dust in the air can even cause a fire. Therefore, before buying an ozone generator you should check what technology the manufacturer used to produce ozone. It should also be remembered that the current pandemic situation has caused the market to be flooded with ozone generators of dubious quality produced or imported by companies that started selling them only during the pandemic. This article was written in cooperation with Korona Scientific and Implementation Laboratory – the oldest Polish manufacturer of ozonators. They are based on the author’s technology – that is why their quality and safety have been confirmed by numerous references from scientific institutions, small and large companies as well as opinions of private persons. Below is a picture of the most popular air ozonizer manufactured by KoronaOzon – Korona A 20 Zdrowy Dom ozone generator.

Ozonization at home

The process of ozonization in home conditions is also very effective. You can effectively get rid of odors lingering in the rooms, which can not be removed by washing with traditional chemicals. At the same time you gain a lot, because ozone does not stay in the air or on the surfaces, so it is not as toxic as chemicals. For home users, it is very important that ozone is only smelled when it has not yet had time to decompose, and then it no longer leaves behind any foreign odors – only fresh and clean air. The use of ozone generators for disinfection at home as well as in commercial settings is completely safe for the environment and leaves no trace.

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