How in 3 minutes you can easily return a card that was eaten by an ATM, ways

ATM chews the card due to the malfunction of the device, its improper operation and problems with the plastic itself. Therefore, in such a case, it is worth knowing how in 3 minutes you can get back the card that was eaten by an ATM. Sometimes the plastic can be removed from the device only by the bank employee, who will have to be called on the spot if the machine is not in the branch.

First of all – do not panic

No one wants to face the problem of a card jammed in an ATM. But it happens. The most important thing is not to panic, but to concentrate and call immediately the bank’s hotline. If the machine is in the bank office, you need to go to one of the employees and explain the situation.


To quickly remove the card, press the “Cancel” button on the ATM within 5 minutes. After a long press, a message appears on the device screen inviting the user to cancel the operation. The user does not release his finger from the “Cancel” button and, continuing to press, will agree with the previous message by pressing the “Yes” key.

Why the ATM won’t return the card

There are 3 reasons why the device refuses to give the card back to the owner. A common reason is the demagnetization of the plastic.

Problem card

Cardholders may insert the card, forgetting that it is, for example, expired. Problems with plastic arise from:

credit card problems

  1. Blocking. Usually, the bank notifies the client about the blocking. Reasons for this are suspicious transactions with the account.
  2. Expiration of the validity period.
  3. Demagnetization, damage to the chip on the card.

If the problem becomes the reason for holding the card inside the ATM, a message about this will appear on the screen of the device. After that, the machine will issue a check with a code. The receipt should be saved in order to take into account the information that will be needed when writing an application for a card refund.

ATM malfunction

Employees of bank branches always inform clients about malfunctioning of cash withdrawal and reception devices. But the cardholder should be careful with the device, which emits incomprehensible sounds, periodically hangs up. Blown display, stuck keys when pressing – the reasons that indicate that you should not insert a plastic card into the ATM.

Improper use of the device

The device gives exactly 45 seconds to eject the card back. If the client does not retrieve it during this time, the ATM jams it. The same happens if the PIN-code is entered incorrectly 3 times.

ate an ATM

How to return a bank card at once

The banking system sometimes hangs up. If the card is jammed, you can try to wait 10 minutes while the device reboots. The software resets the data entered and the plastic is returned to the owner.

If an ATM has “swallowed” the plastic, there is no need to worry: the money will not be written off and will remain in the account. Immediately after swallowing the plastic call the bank’s hotline and inform about the situation. The bank employee may ask the data of the owner, after which the card is temporarily blocked.

To return the plastic of another bank from a third party ATM will take more time: you need to take confirmation from the organization that issued the named product.

If the situation occurred abroad, it will take even more time than in the previous case. It is better to immediately call your bank. Then, employees will advise what to do if the plastic is jammed in another country.

What to do if the method did not help

If you failed with the above methods, it will be possible to return the card only after writing an application for reimbursement in the bank. After a call to the hotline the card will be temporarily blocked, but the funds on it will remain intact. In a few days, the plastic will be reissued, the client comes to the bank office to get it.

credit card in the bank

How to withdraw money without a card

You can withdraw money without a plastic card if you urgently need cash. To do this, apply to the bank office with passport data. At the bank’s cash desk, cash is issued from the card account during business hours.

Now each bank has a mobile application, which displays the accounts of deposits, debit and credit cards. You can go into the app, use it to transfer money from one account to another card, and then withdraw it at the nearest ATM. This is done before it is blocked. Otherwise, the transfer will not be made.

It would take a few minutes to get back the plastic, which was eaten by an ATM, by trying out the above methods. There is no need to panic: in any case, the money will not be written off, the card will be blocked. If you were not able to return the card immediately, the data from it will be restored, and re-issued a new card with the same information.

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