How much are popular cell phones from years ago worth?

Many people keep old cell phones at home, hoping that one day they will become a very valuable commodity and artifact. Has that time come yet?

The history of the first commercial cell phones dates back to the early 1990s, but in Poland they really became popular only after the year 2000. It was then that the legendary Nokia 3310 entered the market, which will forever go down in history as the device that popularized “mobiles”.

How much is now valued this 16-year-old, iconic phone? Neat copies in perfect condition are offered on auction portals for about 50 zloty on average, and models with the box and original accessories for about 100 zloty. It’s worth mentioning that due to the popularity of 3310 there are many auctions. Its successor – 3510 (with color display) is less common and it’s much harder to find a good, neat copy. Still, the 3510’s pricing is very similar to the 3310.

Much more worth it is the business Nokia 6210, which has always held value. Now, you have to pay about 400 zloty for it. For the first phone for gamers – Nokia N-Gage – you have to pay from 50 to 500 zloty, depending on its condition.

What about later models? N95, which was a hit in 2007-2009, is now worth about 500 zlotys, and slightly lower ranked N73 costs 300-400 zlotys.

At the turn of the century one of the most popular phone manufacturers was also Motorola. Models from the late 90s, which still boast a protruding antenna, are worth from 30 zlotys, up to 500 zlotys in collector’s condition. The iconic Moto V3 with a flip cover can be bought for 150-300 zlotys.

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Older phones are not only Nokia and Motorola. Years ago Siemens and Sony Ericsson devices were also popular. The former are relatively scarce on the secondary market, and even if they are found, they are often in very poor condition. The hit of 2004, Siemens C65, is offered at auctions for about 50-100 PLN. A later C75 is sold for about the same amount and a business S55 with an attached camera module is priced at 60 PLN on average.

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