How to add a group in Telegram: how to join and join a chat

First registered in the messenger, users sometimes do not know how to add or join any group in Telegram. Initially, the main window of this application contains only messages from Telegram and records of their own channel. In fact, the messenger gives its subscribers the opportunity to read interesting information and communicate with each other. True, first it is recommended to find like-minded people.

How to join a Telegram group

First of all, you need to choose a topic for communication and find a community that publishes information of interest to the user in Telegram. To search for entries, there is an empty line at the top of the messenger. In it, you can write any word. For example, “cats”, “recipes”, “news”, “work”. After entering a topic of interest in the search bar in the main user window, you will see several channels that you can subscribe to.


Into a public conversation.

How to join an open community:

Sign in to Telegram;

write the topic you are interested in in the search line;


choose the channel you like from the offered options;


join or subscribe using messenger functions.


In order to join a community or become a subscriber of some channel, you first need to open the information board. To do this, click on the image of the three dots at the top of the application or on the name. A small window with a list of actions or information should open. In this window, look for the word “Subscribe” or “Join”.

To a private chat.

These kinds of chats are not displayed in the search engine. You can join a private chat only by invitation. The administrator of a closed group has the right to invite a new user to the dialog. As an invitation, the subscriber is sent a link active in Telegram. You can use it to enter a non-public chat room from your phone or computer.

You can find the names of the most popular public Telegram communities on the Internet. As a rule, the various channels are grouped into lists on similar topics. There is even a directory of open Telegram communities.

There are lists and names of groups on the Internet that publish entries about computer programs, information about games. The messenger has a huge number of news channels. The application has entertainment groups in which subscribers compose funny stories, post funny pictures or humorous videos.

You can find the names and links of any public channels on the Internet. Usually they are written in English letters. The name of the chat room you like should be copied and entered into the Telegram search engine. Then, using the messenger functions, you can join the community.

Links to join private groups can be found on social networks, such as Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. They are often exchanged on social networks by people with similar interests. However, if the invitation is received on a third-party resource, you will first need to be authorized in Telegram, and only by logging into the application will the subscriber be able to join a private chat.

Possible problems

Telegram subscribers may have difficulties when joining any community. For example, entering the name of a channel found on the Internet into the search field, it may turn out that such a channel does not exist in the messenger. Perhaps the selected community once posted its publications on Telegram, but then was deleted.

Sometimes the link to join a private (closed) chat sent as an invitation does not open for subscribers. Most likely, it has been cancelled. In this case, it is recommended that you contact the person who sent the link, tell them about the problem and ask for a new one.

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