How to block a phone number in different ways

Ways to block a phone number that bothers you

The other day I have faced a problem – strangers began to call my phone several times a day. Naturally, it was necessary to get rid of intrusive calls, to block these incoming calls. I began to look for options, as it turned out there are many. Now I will also tell you how to block the number and get rid of unnecessary attention.

The services of cell phone providers

As I said, there are several options, the choice depends on the model of your mobile device, cellular operator, personal preferences. Large mobile companies may offer a ban on the connection between your number and someone else’s. In order to use this service you need to enter a certain combination. Here everything depends on provider.


This operator offers the service “Call barring”, to activate it you need:

  • Dial the combination on the phone – *111*442#, and then the button with the handset. Connection and adding subscribers will be free, but every day will be charged a subscription fee of 1.5 rubles.
  • In the message you dial 22*number, which will be blocked. SMS is sent to 4424. If it succeeds, the caller will receive information about the disconnected phone.
Blocked MTS numbers


A “Blacklist” has been created for subscribers. For those who do not want to receive calls from certain contacts and there is this service. Regardless of the number of undesirable subscribers, the cost of the option will be one ruble. Connection, adding subscribers is free of charge. You can activate the ban through your personal account or via *130#.

Blocked Megafon numbers


Offers slightly different conditions. Payment is one ruble, withdrawn every day, for adding you will need to pay 3 rubles. Connection algorithm:

  • Dial *110*771#;
  • Dial key.

If you replace the last 1 with 0, the service will be disconnected. In order to enter a subscriber into the undesirable ones, you need to dial a similar combination, but put an asterisk before the grid and write the number you want to enter.

Blocked numbers of Beeline


On Tele2, the option is activated automatically in the process of adding the first undesirable contact. If for some reason you have disabled the “Blacklist”, you will be helped by the command *220*1# and dialing. The cost of the service will depend on the connection region. In order to add an undesirable person to the “catalog” of the blocking dial on your phone *220*1*number# and call key. It is necessary to indicate telephone number with an eight. Each new subscriber is added for one and a half rubles.

How to block number on Android

In order not to call strangers or unwanted people, the owners of mobile devices on Android, developers have created all kinds of applications. Of course, the operating system itself can also do some things. For example, you can go to “Contacts” and select the subscriber from whom you want to block calls. Click on it, the menu comes out, in the list choose only voice mail and check the box. Now the owner of this number when calling you will hear only short beeps.

Blocked numbers on Android 5

On Android 6, you need to go into calls, press and hold the contact, and then you should press “Block”, now you will not receive notifications of calls from the blocked person. On older versions, you just open the contact, click on the menu button, choose to add to the blacklist.

Blocked numbers on Android 6

Additional software

As I said, there are special applications in the Play Market to avoid unnecessary incoming calls. Paid and free services are available:

  • Mr Caller app will help make sure that specific contacts don’t write or call. With Truecaller, your mobile device will automatically block unknown callers.

  • Truecaller will help find and screen spam calls. It also helps to put a block on a specific card number.

There are many offers, read the program description and reviews on it carefully.

Options for iPhone

If you want to add someone to the list of blocked on your iPhone, it is very easy to do. You just need to open the settings of the gadget, and then follow the instructions:

  • In the list of contacts next to each is a small “i” icon, click on it next to the desired phone;
  • Scroll down and press “Block subscriber”, then block it.
Adding to blacklist on iphone

Unknown Inboxes

There are some people who are fundamentally hiding from the caller, and they are often too intrusive. When you want to block a hidden number, you just need to activate the settings menu, find the section “Call settings” and click on call rejection. After that, click on the rejection from the list, go to the “blacklist”, put a check mark next to the line “Unknown” or next to the frequent callers. This option is suitable for Android smartphone users.

How to view blocked numbers

Each user can not only create lists with unwanted incoming calls, but also manage them. On “apple” devices, you can view the “Blacklist” in several ways:

  • In Phone – Settings – Phone – Block. and call identification:
Call Identification Menu of iphone
  • In the app – Menu with settings – FaceTime – Blocked:
FaceTime settings.

You can restore blocked numbers by selecting the “lock” list, then click “Edit” in the upper corner of the screen on the right side, tap the minus icon and select unlock. On Android, it’s easy to view and restore a contact if you have one of the call blocking apps installed.

Hopefully, you were able to get the answer to the question – how to block a number. There really are many options, so choose the one you feel comfortable using. Or maybe you have your own proven method? Share in the comments.

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