How to call an ambulance from a cell phone MTS and other operators

How do I call an ambulance from my cell phone?

In life there are different situations when you need to quickly call for an ambulance. Earlier this task was reduced to a simple dialing of “03” from a stationary device. But with the advent of cellular operators, the possibilities have greatly expanded. Few people know how to call an ambulance from a cell phone, but this is a very important issue, which we will analyze in today’s publication.

Rescue service

Alas. If you dial “03” on your phone, you will hear an error message on the receiver. This is because mobile communications do not support two-digit numbers. Instead, you should use another number – 112. Thus, you will reach the dispatcher, and he will send the rescue team, which is located nearby, to you.

Even if your SIM card is blocked or missing, feel free to call 112. This number is available in any mode, wherever you are in Russia and even in European countries.

Calling an ambulance through the dispatcher

How to call an ambulance by cell phone?

Often, trouble does not come with a warning, but is of a sudden nature. Someone has fallen and broken a leg, has had a stroke, etc. You need to act immediately, there is no time to look for a stationary device. But if you have a mobile device at hand, you can use the standard combinations of operators. Most often, it is 103, or 003. But for some cellular providers, you should be aware of individual numbers. Now let’s look at each telecommunications provider.


We sincerely hope that you do not have to find yourself in such trouble. But if the trouble caught you by surprise, it is definitely worth knowing how to call an ambulance from an MTS cell phone.

It’s enough to dial on the numeric keypad three characters – 103 and press the call key. Usually an ambulance arrives within half an hour. But in case it doesn’t. You should call the above number again to clarify the status of the request and the location of the ambulance.

Calling a doctor


Whatever your tariff, according to the current legislation, no fee is charged for such calls. This applies not only to calling doctors, but also police services, firefighters, gasmen. Except that if the SIM card was blocked, the call may not go through.

In the case of Megafon, to call an ambulance from your mobile, you need to dial 030. This is relevant information for any city in the Russian Federation, be it Ryazan, Cheboksary, Tver, or Vladivostok.


In this case, the numbers are the same as for MTS. Here’s how to call:

  • Firefighters – 101;
  • Police – 102;
  • EMTs – 103;
  • Emergency Service of Gorgaz – 104.


As you know, Tele2 is a foreign operator. And this factor affects many things. For example, there are several types of dialing, which allow you to get different information:

  • 030 – You call the dispatcher, who not only takes your request, but also gives your information (name, ID). This will solve disputes that may arise as a result of negligence.
  • 03* – This combination has a higher priority. The call will be redirected without queuing and waiting, you will be quickly connected to the operator.
  • 103 – The standard combination for calling all special services. It is enough to describe your problem and the dispatcher will quickly respond and inform the rescue team nearest to you about the problem.
Providing first aid

What if your account has no money (zero balance)?

I’m sure many of you don’t check your account balance after every call. Sometimes it’s purely mechanical to forget about timely recharging. According to the law of meanness, it is at times like these when disaster strikes and you need to quickly call an ambulance from your cell phone. After all, human life or health may be at stake.

In this case, dial quickly 112If you have money on your account or not, you need to call an ambulance quickly. This information is relevant for all cell phone operators in the Russian Federation. In addition, the call is completely free. If you notice non-compliance with this rule, you can safely contact law enforcement authorities or the prosecutor’s office. Violators will be severely punished, in accordance with administrative legislation.

Additionally, you can try dialing 911and after the connection is established, listen to the “robot” messages and select the third point (click 3) to connect to the dispatcher.

Now you know how to call an ambulance from a cell phone. I hope this information will help you in a difficult moment.

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