How to change a password in TickTock: how to make up and put the code, examples

Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep in memory all your passwords from various social networks, bank cards. It happens that our memory fails us or someone hacks into a personal account. Naturally, you will be concerned about the information that is stored in the messages, and you will start looking for ways to solve the problem. How do you change your password when you’re sitting in TickTock?

How do I change my password in the app?

Before performing the manipulation, you should know that it does not matter where you need to set the new protection: on Apple or Android. If your account does not have a password, you need to perform a number of the following steps:


Log into the TikTok app by clicking on the avatar icon (bottom, right), then you should click on the “three dots” icon in the upper right corner. This takes you to the settings.


On your profile page, select “My Account” and log in by selecting the “Password” option.


The lack of a password, where there is the inscription – “empty”, you must change it by entering it several times in the appropriate lines.


Then a four-digit code will come to the specified phone number, which must be confirmed.


To avoid having to constantly enter data when entering your page, it is necessary to put a check mark “Save login and password” (it will turn green).

Specialists recommend using a protection consisting of both a set of Latin letters and numbers. Try not to tell anyone about the new password and its contents to avoid hacking.

How do I make a strong password?

Don’t worry if your account gets hacked or you forget your code, you can easily fix the situation without too much trouble.

In restoring your account if you lose (forget) your password, you’ll have to do things like:

Once in your personal profile, click the “man” button in the bottom right corner;


The authorization window will appear, where methods of data recovery will be offered (via phone number, e-mail); you will only have to choose the appropriate option;


to the linked phone number from the support service will come a four-digit code in the form of an SMS-message, which must be entered on the android, or it will automatically dial on the iPhone and require you to perform further functions;


the last step is to zero out the old password: in your account, go to “Settings”, select the function “Change password” and fill in the field with the new protection, duplicating the code several times.


As you have understood, there is nothing difficult in fixing the problem. However, you should always remember that an incorrectly created password is an easy prey for scammers on the Internet.

A few simple recommendations that will protect your mobile device and nervous system from stress will help in encrypting your personal data from Internet fraudsters.

Remember! Never write your date of birth, initials, favorite numbers, and alphabetic letters in a one-way combination, since these data can be known not only by your relatives but also by people you know, who spend a lot of time with you. Do not be lazy and enter from 8 to 20 characters for protection in the appropriate box. For specifics of action, now here are some examples.

Let’s compare the combination of numbers and letters: qwertyu12345. Such a set will make your mailbox, any account, vulnerable, so don’t resort to such a character set. A desirable and successful character set is such a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters together with digits as: D23xg6R4Vb25. When you’ve come up with the code and filled in a similar input box, you don’t have to worry about your saved information; press the “Set” button.

Why “wrong password” in TickTock?

Actually, there are several options here: you were hacked, entered the code incorrectly yourself, or a system error occurred. The result of a system error can be a late program update or a user performing actions that expose the account to a ban. The way out of this situation is to install a new version, try to access your page one day later, or have to use the help of specialists from the technical support group.

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