How to change age in Discord: how old can I use and how to change my date of birth

Messenger Discord is an opportunity to communicate and exchange experiences with players of different levels, skills. However, when registering, it is required to specify certain data of the participant, which then may need to be changed. It is useful to know how to change the specified age in the program Discord. The instructions are different for the personal computer and phone, it is required to read the description in advance.

Changing the age in the settings

The standard option of changing the characteristics through the settings of the profile in the messenger Diskord does not work. Therefore, you need to explore other ways. First you need to choose the technique of working with the application – through a personal computer or mobile device.


On a PC

Technically uncomplicated method of action allows you to change the saved date of birth with the help of the official site of the program. This option is offered when a user entered incorrect data during registration and was blocked by the administration (in such situations the abbreviation “NSFW” may appear). Required steps:

  • open the application developer’s page;
  • click on the “Support” button;


  • a resource with several working blocks will open; click on the section “Trust and Safety”; a message “Why is messenger asking for my age?” will appear on the monitor of the personal computer;


  • The site will automatically redirect the participant to the information page of the creators of Discord.


If the figures entered are not correct, you should click on the line “Send request” after the text (located at the end, highlighted in blue).


Attention! It is impossible to change the data without contacting the support service. The functionality works so that users under a certain limit cannot use the program after updates.

On the smartphone

It is also possible to make adjustments via smartphone. The instructions are the same, but performing operations on the phone will be somewhat complicated. It is impossible to change the data through the application, so you will have to go through the steps of the above instructions through the official page of the developer of the messenger Diskord.

Attention! When registering a profile, it is worth specifying the characteristics that can be confirmed. If you can not enter the correct data (possible reasons), it is worth to enter the figures above the real ones.

Defining the minimum age for your country

There are certain age limits for each region, which depend on the legal thresholds of the selected state. Following the above instruction (on the fourth step), the user is automatically taken to a page with a list of countries and the age limit.

If the desired option is not on the list provided, the general age limit of 13 can be used. Specifications may vary (for some countries, the figure is lower than the generalized limit).


Creating a photo and making a support call

Before contacting the technical department, you need to prepare some documents. Sometimes masters recommend creating a new profile to replace the account with incorrect indicators. Features:

  • The user can apply for help within 30 days from the date of blocking;


  • you need to take a photo on the phone with an identity document, a sheet with a written tag;


  • the image must be clear, the information recognizable (date of birth, inscriptions, numbers);


  • select the line “Trust and Safety” in the section “Send request”;


  • click on “Age update”, then the option to update the information.


Then you need to specify the necessary characteristics and attach the previously prepared files. It is important to make sure that the new parameters are entered correctly, and then send the request.

It is impossible to change the profile blocks without contacting the technical support of the developer of the Discord application. It is important to specify the correct data right away, when registering an account.

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