How to change the IP address on your Android phone: how to set a new IP address

Probably every smartphone owner cares about his own privacy. Especially when going online. To prevent the possibility of surveillance, you need to understand how to change the IP address on the phone with the Android operating system. After all, then, whoever is doing the snooping will not be able to understand where you are connecting to the network from. In addition, the change of IP-identifier allows you to visit the resources blocked in the country of residence.

Changing region

The easiest way to change the IP on Android is to change the region in the settings of the device. Of course, this is not the most reliable way of protection, because regardless of the region the servers will receive information about which provider’s services are used for connection. However, the main goal will be achieved, and the IP will change.


To perform the operation you will need to:

  • Open the device settings.
  • Go to “Advanced Settings” and then to “Region”.
  • Select the country of interest.


Please note that not only IP but also time zone can change along with the region change. Also, depending on the country you select in the settings, there are additional applications on your phone.


Using VPN

If by changing the region you have failed to achieve the desired result, and you still can’t visit resources blocked in your country, it’s worth turning to the help of a VPN. This is a special technology that allows you to replace the IP address of one country with the IP of another result. Thus, you get complete privacy on the Internet.

To change the IP through the use of a VPN, you need:

  • Install the application of any VPN service (for example, Secure VPN).
  • Start the program.
  • Select your country.
  • Click the enable button.


It is important to keep in mind that when using VPN services, connection speeds are often lower than standard rates. You can get out of this situation by signing up for a paid subscription. It also makes sense to use other ways to change the IP.

Using the Tor browser

Tor is the safest browser to access the Internet. It is no coincidence that they are trying to block it in many countries, but the blocking does not succeed. So you can find Tor in the Play Market app store and install it on your smartphone.

Tor not only uses a built-in VPN, but also does not transmit information about visited resources. That is, the history is not saved and immediately disappears after closing the tabs. However, there is a disadvantage inherent in many VPN-services. It consists of a low connection speed, which does not always allow you to comfortably view streaming video or download large files.


Using a proxy

Finally, you can change the IP address by replacing the proxy server. It would be difficult to perform this operation manually, so it is recommended to use third-party software. For example, you can consider the following applications available for download through Google Play Market:

  • ProxyDroid;
  • Every Proxy;
  • Proxy Server.

All utilities work on a similar principle, so you shouldn’t have any problems setting up the software. Proxy replacement is done by following the instructions:

  1. Start the program.
  2. Go to the address section and enter the required parameters.
  3. Change the value in the Port tab in the same way, and set the proxy type to “SOCKS5”.


After saving the changes, you can access the Internet through any browser without fear of blocking or other sanctions. However, you can’t avoid the disadvantage of replacing the proxy. The operation requires obtaining root rights, which has consequences in the form of removing the phone from the warranty and blocking transactions.

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