How to change the resolution in the game without logging into the game PUBG, Dota 2, Steam

How to change the resolution without logging into the game

It’s not uncommon for gamers to want to know how to change the resolution in the game without going into the game. I will tell you right away that it is not an easy thing for newcomers to do. I will share a few ways that will help to launch a problematic application if it does not open at all, or displays a black screen. There will be a separate instruction for owners of Steam accounts – consider a simple solution to the problem with Dota 2, PUBG and CS 1.6/CS:GO.


Non-optimal mode

If you see a message on your monitor that “input is not supported” or “Out of range”, I recommend that you first look at detailed review on how to troubleshoot such a malfunction.

How to fix the out of range error
Error resolution is not optimal

Try pressing Alt + Enter on your keyboard to switch to a windowed view (instead of full screen). Sometimes it helps to get rid of the defect.

Adjusting the nVidia video adapter

If your PC uses this exact video card (or any other manufacturer – Palit, EVGA, but exactly GeForce), then you can try to make adjustments through the control panel nVidia GF Experience. If during the installation of official drivers for the video you have not installed this utility, then download it separately by clicking here.

GeForce Experience

After completing the installation process, open the program, go to the “Games” section, wait until the application finds all the gamer software on your PC. After that, select the desired item and make the necessary adjustments to the settings.

How to change the resolution of the game without entering it, through “Properties”.

If the game does not start correctly (black screen), and you can not enter its menu, then let’s try to fix the error through a simple manipulation:

  • Find the necessary software shortcut on the desktop and right-click on it. A list of actions appears, we need the “Properties” option (at the very bottom);
  • A window with several tabs will open, go to “Compatibility” and check the option “Use 640×480”:
Changing the resolution in the shortcut properties
  • Be sure to save your settings by clicking on OK. Run the game and see not quite a pretty picture. But here the point is to somehow get into the game menu, where it is realistic to change the resolution to a suitable (in accordance with the characteristics of the monitor);
  • When you eliminate the problem – again, open the properties of the shortcut and remove the previously installed “tick”.

Editing configuration files

Any software after installation creates elements like “cfg” or “ini” which contain important information about the program settings. I can’t give you the exact name and location because it’s different for every game. You’ll have to manually browse through the folders looking for files named “config.ini”, “game.cfg” (or something similar).

You can view and edit their contents with the built-in “Notepad” Windows. Often, in the text you must find the parameters – Width/Height, Size, W/H and assign them to the correct resolution values. Here is an example:

Game Configuration File

It is desirable to create a copy of the document so that you can restore the settings later.

How to change the game resolution in Steam

For Steam users, there is a simpler solution for Dota 2 and other games installed through this client.

  • Open the application and go to the “Library” tab:
Steam library
  • Right-click on the desired block and go to the properties. A configuration window will open, where there will be a button “Set startup parameters…”. – Press and you will see a form, where you should write the following command:

-w **** -h ****

Instead of “asterisks” specify numerical values of resolution (w – width, horizontal / h – height, vertical), for example:

-w 1366 -h 768

Steam startup options

That’s all. Now you know how you can change the resolution without entering the game. I hope you were able to get rid of errors and malfunctions.

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