How to charge your phone fast – methods that can help

Already getting ready to go out, and here it turns out that your smartphone is only a dozen percent charged? This happens quite often, because modern smartphones generally need to be charged once every day or two. In the busyness of your duties you may forget about it, which later will need to instantly charge the equipment. But how to quickly charge the phone? We will explain everything below.

We have gathered for you the best and most effective methods that will help you charge the battery in your devices in the shortest possible time. All these methods are quite straightforward and easy to implement, so no one should have a problem with them. Enjoy!

How to charge your phone fast? Best ways

Quickly charging your phone can be achieved in a number of ways – we’ll cover the best ones later in this guide. However, if we are really short of time and have literally minutes before we have to leave the house (and lose access to an outlet as a result) we would suggest just using a powerbank.

It’s always a good idea to have such a device on hand, fully charged and ready to go, of course. For the fastest charging it would be good if it was a wired powerbank with a good power (specified in the W unit, for example 20W). You can take it with you in the car or public transportation to slowly but effectively charge your smartphone.

Method 1: Use the fastest wired charger supported by your smartphone

The speed of charging is primarily affected by two things: the power of the charger and the maximum power supported by your smartphone. Charging with a plug-in charger will always be faster than charging via USB cable (for example, from a laptop) and usually also faster than charging via a powerbank, whether wired or wireless. However, charger to charger is not the same – you can find chargers with a power of 15W, but also up to 65W.

However, we don’t need a very fast charger if, for example, the smartphone is old and supports charging with a maximum power of 20W. In this case, it does not matter whether we use a 20W or 50W charger, because the effect will be the same. For optimal charging speed, however, the charger power should be at least equal to the maximum supported power.

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Method 2: Turn on the airplane mode or turn the phone off completely

During charging time you shouldn’t use your phone at all, and even more so, you shouldn’t run games or other resource consuming applications on it. To speed up charging, it’s also a good idea to turn off all sorts of add-ons, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, that affect battery life. To make things easier, you can turn on airplane mode, which not only turns off Wi-Fi, but also the cellular network, making the smartphone recharge faster.

In airplane mode, however, the operating system is still running and that alone consumes some power, so, if we know we won’t need the smartphone for a while and no one will be contacting us, it’s best to just turn it off completely. That way we should be able to charge it fairly quickly.

However, as already mentioned, a lot depends here on the charger, the maximum charging power supported by the smartphone, as well as the capacity of its battery (because, for obvious reasons, a 4000 mAh battery will charge to full capacity faster than one with a capacity of 6000 mAh while keeping the same other parameters).

How to charge your phone faster – summary

You already know how to charge your phone fast, so there’s nothing left to do but put the above tips into practice. There’s no magic that will allow you to charge your smartphone from 0 to 100 in a minute (unless you’re using an old Nokia with a removable battery), but the methods we’ve pointed out can still reduce the final charging time quite significantly.

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